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A Brief Introduction To Ayurvedic Massage Oils

Posted On : 23 May, 2013


'Good Health' refers to not just an absence of diseases, but a state of complete physical, mental and emotional well being. Nowadays, Stress is an inseparable part of life in this fast paced modern world.



Tensions, headaches and back pains are a routine part of life today. In the pursuit of success & in the race to climb up the proverbial ladder, lives have becomes more & more stressful.



Ayurveda offers a perfect solution for people suffering from stress related problems. There are various ayurvedic treatments available to get rid of stress & rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Of these, Ayurvedic Oils are quite effective & offer great relief. How so? Read further


Different Types Of Ayurvedic Massage Oils:-

Sesame Ayurvedic Oil

The use of Sesame Ayurveda Oil is specially recommended for people having Vata dosha. It provides effective relief from tooth ache. Sesame based Ayurveda Oil is a great massage oil for people suffering from obesity or paralysis.  Sesame Oil Base is often used as a raw ingredient for the manufacturing of many medicinal oils which are further used to treat nasal blockage, ear problems, etc.


Coconut Ayurvedic Oil

Coconut Oil is compatible with all types of constitutions, whether dominated by kapha, pitta or vata. Due to this quality, Coconut Oil is used as base oil in the production of different kinds of massage oils. For those who have sensitive skin, using Coconut based Massage oil is highly recommended. Coconut based Massage oil is also ideal for those suffering from skin ailments.


Dhanvantaram Oil

Dhanvantaram Oil is great Massage Oil which boosts the immunity of the body & protects from various kinds of diseases. It also gets rid of the dead skin cells and helps in revitalizing the whole body. It is very useful for maintaining the Vatta and Pitta balance.


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