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                                             Ayurvedic Treatment in Melbourne



Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic ranks high in the list of Ayurveda Clinic in Melbourne. Contact us for the best Ayurvedic Treatments and Pitta Body Type, Kapha Body Type and to get an insight into Principles and Theory Of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Herbs in Melbourne,Australia.


We are here to promote Ayurveda which has a mystical past, but remains a practical approach to everyday health. Supremely suitable for self-care, the Ayurvedic approach can help you cope with and perhaps redefine modern life.


In the face of daily on-slaughts, Ayurveda can help you re-establish and maintain your overall equilibrium as well as treat specific symptoms-from allergies and acne to headache, insomnia, tension and anxiety, fatigue, indigestion, sexual problems, and many more. 


Ayurveda can help you kick the coffee habit and start the day full of energy, yet calm and focused; achieve your ideal weight; relax without drugs; prevent premature aging and serious disease; manage stress and detoxify your mind and body; and gently and naturally channel the healing power of all five of your senses rather than artificially dull them or overstimulate them   


Modern medicine is now recognizing that lifestyle and diet is the key to prevention of disease and can actually reverse many disorders. Studies on osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and mental function are showing in many cases that diet and lifestyle outperform the top drug therapies while creating many side-benefits instead of side-effects  


Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word that means "knowledge   of life and longevity," is based on principles and rhythms found in nature. It makes use of daily and seasonal lifestyle practices (including diet, yoga, and meditation), healing herbs, purification therapies, and a life-affirming mental attitude.  


Although at first glance some Ayurvedic practices may seem exotic, foreign, or old-fashioned, they are in actuality universal, timeless, and as useful now as they were thousands of years ago.


In our practice we have found that Ayurveda is more relevant than ever, since it seeks to restore harmony and balance in a world that is growing increasingly out of kilter, with pollution, stress, junk food, accelerating schedules, sedentary occupations, and passive pastimes.


We, at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic, make our best efforts to create awareness About Ayurveda in Australia and are rated among the Best Ayurvedic Clinics in Melbourne.



$50 worth of gift as 2 Ayurvedic cooking books (soft copies), one each during initial and follow up consultation!

Most renowned and rated Ayurvedic clinic of Australia which has its own organic blends of herbs for many chronic disorders!
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For every illness known to humanity, God has a plant out there that will heal it. We just need to keep finding the qualities for organic healing ||ॐ||