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Ayurvedic Solutions For Weight Management

Posted On : 19 June, 2013

Being the Sanskrit word that means ‘the pure knowledge of life’, Ayurveda has been the oldest medical therapy in the world and is known for having the sure to every problem and disease that the human body can possibly suffer. The present times have seen the shift towards the Ayurvedic practices and the people from all over the world are switching over to Ayurveda for problems as miniscule as Weight Management to as major as caner.



One of the hard facts about the weight loss is that people who loose weight regain it within some time, with some people even putting on some extra pounds than what they originally had. Ayurveda provides various ways of ensuring proper Weight Management with some of them being:


  • Keeping the channels f circulation clear helps in the proper Weight Management as the toxins and impurities are removed from the body. Panchkarma therapy is a great way for ensuring the regular clean-up of the body.
  • Balancing of the three humors of the body is integral to the proper Weight Management and Weight Loss. The humors are namely Vata, Pita and Kapha and their balancing is essential for correct metabolism.



Some common techniques that help the Weight Loss and Proper Weight Management are as follows:

  • Eat light and easy-to-digest foods in evening and do not sleep directly after the meals.
  • The largest share of food should be taken at the lunch time since the digestion process is the strongest during noon.
  • Drink warm water frequently throughout the day.
  • Heavy meals should be avoided.
  • A 15-minute walk after the meals will surely do wonders to the digestion processes.



Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic has emerged as one of the frontrunners among the numerous Ayurvedic Clinics and it is based in Melbourne. The overall well-being of the people is the ultimate objective of the brains behind the clinic, Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini and Dr. Pooja Saini. With a firm commitment to the customers, the clinic offers the best Ayurvedic Solutions for various problems and further information about the Weight Loss Treatments can be availed from the website


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