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Benefits Of Naturopathy Over Other Methods

Posted On : 19 November, 2016

Several treatment techniques like Ayurveda, Allopathy, Unani and Nature Cure, Homoeopathy, etc. are quite common within many a country, and almost all of these have a wide acceptance all over. It is a fact that all the systems have their own limitations or advantages. The most rational approach will be to have an integrated draw when it comes to treatment, and all the different systems should always be complementary towards each other for the benefit of the suffering masses.


As far as Naturopathy is concerned, it has three aspects. First one is known as preventive, the second is known as curative whereas the third one is for the health promotive aspect. When a patient has to undergo a Naturopathy treatment, the focus of approach lies in the fact that in other systems the patient does not have to understand the technicalities involved in treatment; but in naturopathy treatment, the patients are needed to have a very good understanding regarding the laws that administer disease and health.


In Naturopathy, no medicines or drugs are used. It is usually believed that the diseases are an outcome of the accumulation of the foreign matter inside the body as well as health can easily be restored by just eliminating them. Drugs are said to add accumulated toxins in the body, and hence, they should be discouraged. Many other treatments might also cause some side effects that can further degrade our health and in turn can harm our immune system.


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