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Posted On : 24 July, 2014

" Ever since I was a teenager, I would sometimes suddenly feel very scared for no particular reason. When this started interfering with my routine life, I saw a psychologist and later, was put on ANXIETY medicine because I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Although I took the meds, I would sometimes feel too foggy or sleepy during the day and missed many days at work and then, I would stop the meds and feel the anxiety returning. I began feeling depressed and that�s when I thought of trying Ayurveda so I went and met Dr. Saini at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. He helped me understand that anxiety is a deep seated condition that has to be tackled at the root and put me on an ayurvedic diet and yoga. I was also given shirodhara treatment in which warm medicated oil was allowed to drip onto the face at the point between the eyebrows. This helped me relax like never before and with my lifestyle changes and the herbal medicines, I�m much better than before. "

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$50 worth of gift as 2 Ayurvedic cooking books (soft copies), one each during initial and follow up consultation!

Most renowned and rated Ayurvedic clinic of Australia which has its own organic blends of herbs for many chronic disorders!
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For every illness known to humanity, God has a plant out there that will heal it. We just need to keep finding the qualities for organic healing ||ॐ||