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Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity with Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, health is defined as the state where physical body, senses, and psyche are in original or natural state with respect to body and its functions. Although the genetic makeup of an individual determines the basic body constitution with respect to biomaterials or doshas(Vata,Pitta& Kapha) and psychological factors, total health is determined by physical and psychological environment.


It is currently believed that the expression of genes largely depends on environmental factors. Consistent with this belief, Ayurveda emphasizes the role of environmental factors, daily routine, seasonal changes, lifestyle, unique diet planning, regular exercise, and body tonics (rasayana) in maintaining health.


It also emphasizes that all needs of the body and senses must be in balance in order to avoid illness and maintain good health — a scientifically valid concept.




Ayurvedic medicine is oriented toward prevention, health maintenance, and treatment. The belief in Ayurvedic medicine is that a disease is the product of an imbalance in the body and mental elements that reduce the body’s resistance to diseases.


If the imbalance is corrected and the body’s defense mechanisms are strengthened by herbal formulas, lifestyle changes, various detox programmes and unique diet planning, and then the body will resist a disease with a goal of eliminating it. Scientific evidence is gradually developing in support of the Ayurvedic concept.


Ayurveda has been recognized as an independent medical system by the government of India for a long time. The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), Ministry of Health (Regulations 1986, Minimum Education in Indian Medicine) regulates Ayurvedic education and training in India. 


The curriculum includes 2820 hours of theory and 780 hours of practical and laboratory work over a period of 60 months; this is followed by 1 year of residency leading to a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, formerly Bachelor of Indian Medicine and Surgery.


This is an integrated program that teaches Ayurvedic and allopathic courses together to cover fields like Kayachikitsa (general medicine), Shalayatantra (surgery), Shalakaya(ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology), Bhoota Vidya (Psychiatry), Kaumarbhritya (pediatrics), Agada tantra (Toxicology), Rasayana (Science of Rejuvenation) and Vajikarana (Aphrodasciacs) so that therapeutic options for patients may be maximized.



PURE HERBAL AYURVED CLINIC has excellent results for curing ailments and rejuvenating body-mind. Diseases where Ayurveda plays important role include:


√ĘóŹArthritis of different kinds/gout

√ĘóŹIrritable Bowel Syndrome


√ĘóŹKidney Problems


√ĘóŹLiver Disorders

√ĘóŹBack Pain of different causes

√ĘóŹLow Immunity

√ĘóŹChronic Cough

√ĘóŹMenstrual/Female Problems

√ĘóŹChronic respiratory disorders


√ĘóŹChronic Fatigue

√ĘóŹNeurological disorder


√ĘóŹCardiac problems

√ĘóŹChronic Constipation


√ĘóŹDiabetes Mellitus


√ĘóŹDisorders of Digestion

√ĘóŹOld Age Related Problems

√ĘóŹDepression/anxiety/panic attacks

√ĘóŹPoor Energy

√ĘóŹFacial Palsy/ Hemiplegia





√ĘóŹStiff and Painful Joints

√ĘóŹHypertension or High Blood Pressure

√ĘóŹSkin Diseases


√ĘóŹSinus Congestion

√ĘóŹ Hormonal Disorders

√ĘóŹLow sperm count

√ĘóŹHair Problems

√ĘóŹInfertility-male and female


√ĘóŹSupportive Therapy for Cancer Patients

√ĘóŹVarious Chronic Disorders of Unexplained nature









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