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Four Disease Conditions


All diseases are said to fall into one of four categories: those that are easily healed, those that are difficult to heal, those that are controllable but cannot be healed, and those that cannot be healed. Each form of disease has specific features.

Easily Healed:
People able to receive all therapies, adults, self-controlled persons, not having the vital organs affected, having mild or few causes, or are currently in the initial stages of development
Other indications include no secondary complications or diseases; or the disease is different from the dosha, tissue, region, season and constitution.
Further signs include, favourable planetary influence, having a proper practitioner and therapy, or disease arising from only one dosha.
Other signs include diseases that manifest themselves in only one disease pathway (i.e., inner, outer, central), or those that have recently begun to develop.
Difficult but Able to be Healed:
Diseases requiring surgery, dual dosha illness, or tri-doshic illness
Controllable but Not Able to be healed:
Illness remaining throughout life, which has symptoms of easily healed description, is controllable through using appropriate foods, herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle regimens.
Unable to be Healed:
Symptoms that are the opposite of diseases that can be healed (described above), long lasting (and involving all seven ayurvedic tissues and important vital organs), causing anxiety, delusion and restlessness, showing fatal signs, and causing loss of sensory organs.


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