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Guluchyadi kashayam

Posted On : 14 June, 2014

Guluchyadi kashayam-Ayurvedic Tonic for Peptic Ulcer in Melbourne, Australia


Guluchyadi kashayam is decoction of some Ayurvedic herbs, which are coolant in potency and beneficial in diseases caused by overproduction of acid and heat. These diseases are fever, acidity, peptic ulcer and GERD etc. Moreover, it is also helpful in alcoholism, vomiting, General weakness, Giddiness or vertigo, Excessive Thirst, Jaundice and bleeding disorders.


Main Ingredients of Guluchyadi kashayam


The main ingredients in Guluchyadi kashayam are Vitis Vinifera, Madhuca Longifolia, Glycyrhiza Glabra, Symplocos Laurina, Cyperus Rotundus, Emblica Officinalis, Nelumbo Nucifera, Santalum Album, Andropogon Muricatus etc.


Pharmacological action of Guluchyadi kashayam


Guluchyadi kashayam pacifies pitta and kapha humours. It has immunomodulatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and ant-microbial properties. Due to these properties, it is helpful in fever, infections and worm infestation.


Guluchyadi kashayam is also very good remedy for general weakness due to presence of vitis vinifera and glycyrhiza glabra. It aids to keep acid production in balance state and improves digestion of food.


Furthermore, it is also beneficial in weakness after liver disease or jaundice. It contains some herbs that have healing action inside the gastro-intestinal tract. Therefore, it is beneficial in peptic and duodenal ulcer.


Uses and indications of Guluchyadi kashayam

  1. Hyperacidity, heartburn or GERD
  2. Peptic ulcers and duodenal Ulcer
  3. Arthritis
  4. Fever
  5. Alcoholism
  6. Nausea and vomiting
  7. General weakness
  8. Giddiness or vertigo
  9. Excessive Thirst
  10. Jaundice
  11. Bleeding disorders


Side effects and precautions of Guluchyadi kashayam


Guluchyadi kashayam is well tolerable in all cases and usually considered safe by most of ayurvedic physicians.



  1. Sahasrayoga
  2. Astanga hridaya



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