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Karen Says:

Posted On : 28 February, 2014

" Last month, I met an old friend after about a year and he exclaimed at how old I looked, and that I would soon be BALD if I did not do something about my HAIR LOSS. I had tried a lot of things but they never worked and so I looked up some practitioners of natural medicine on the internet and fixed an appointment at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic at Melbourne. On my first consultation itself, Dr. Gurnam Saini put me at ease, explaining how the herbal medicines he prescribes work from within and therefore, does not cause side effects. I am a restless person by nature and get easily tired; the shirodhara technique they used at the clinic worked wonders for not just my hair loss but also helped me calm down and yet, stay energetic. I am also able to sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed every morning. Thank you, Dr. Saini, for helping me deal with hair loss in such an effective way. "

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