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Lisa Says:

Posted On : 09 March, 2014

" A month ago, I gave birth to a beautiful girl and having her after 12 years of marriage has given my husband and me a lot of joy. Thank you Dr. Saini at Pure herbal ayurved clinic for all the care you took to help me overcome my problem of infertility. I knew I was overweight but all the exercise and dieting I did never seemed to help me lose weight. Then I went to pure herbal ayurved clinic where Dr. Saini put me through a full ayurvedic consultation - even asking about the taste of food I liked and about whether I was anxious or calm. He said it was important to give him an understanding of what was the cause of my problem. Following this, a special program of yoga was designed to suit me exclusively and I was asked to take herbal medication that contained natural drugs like ashwagandha and shatavari. The day I got my pregnancy test positive was the happiest day of my life! Thank you all for the biggest gift of my life. "

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