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Hyperacidity or Acid Reflux Remedy with Ayurveda

Posted On : 17 February, 2015

Acid Reflux Remedy 



Many of us suffer occasional indigestion, which often feels like a burning sensation and heaviness in the stomach. The feeling is similar to a heartburn or being bloated, and if it occurs more frequently, it can get in the way of your daily life.



These are common symptoms of acid reflux or hyperacidity, a condition that is characterised by having too many acids, which are crucial for proper digestion.



Understanding Acid Reflux



Our stomach contains hydrochloric acid and pepsin, and both are crucial in the digestive process. An excessive amount of gastric acid causes acid reflux or hyperchlorydia, and it makes you feel heavy, bloated, and uncomfortable. At times, the acid escapes your stomach and into the oesophagus, causing a heartburn.



A nauseated sensation and burning pain in the chest are among the major symptoms of hyperacidity and acid reflux. Some sufferers may feel a loss of appetite, headache, and a sharp pain in their chest or stomach. You may experience weight loss and anaemia when the condition becomes chronic.



Natural Remedies For Heartburn or Hyperacidity



Ayurveda calls acid reflux, 'Amplapitta', and it is considered a gastrointestinal disorder that is caused by the lack of balance in the gastrointestinal tract's enzyme secretion.



The increased amount of sourness and heat in the body impairs the Pitta Dosha, resulting in the formation of ama or toxins, which eventually accumulates in the digestive system.



Ayurveda treats acid reflux by removing the toxins and fixing the Pitta Dosha through specialised procedures that are based on your overall health, eating habits, lifestyle, and diet history.



In Ayurveda, hyperacidity is said to be caused by poor eating habits like irregular eating, frequent fasting, overeating, drinking too much alcohol, improper cooking methods, and eating foods that are inappropriate for your temperament.



Excessive consumption of sour, oily, hot, and spicy foods may contribute to hyperacidity, too, as well as negative emotions and controlling one's bowel movement and urination.



Ayurvedic Treatments for Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux



Ayurvedic medicine recommends herbs like licorice, amla, shatavari, coconut, and bhringaraj for the treatment of acid reflux or hyperacidity. These herbs are known to relax the stomach and prevent excessive production of stomach acids. They have excellent anti-ulcer properties, too.



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