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Old Fashioned Yet Relevant!

Posted On : 07 September, 2017

All of us fall sick at one time or another. It’s part of life. It makes us appreciate our health more. When we do, we turn to medicines to help us recover our health. We take tablets thrice a day, keep those going for a week, and if that still doesn’t help, we continue that course for a few more days. Or at times, go consult the doctor again and seek a different course of treatment.


Medicine seems to have a solution for almost everything, be it an ailment or a big disease. There are physicians who consult for cough or fever, and there are backache specialists as well. But modern medicine also focuses at lifestyle and diet to prevent diseases. It helps to not gain weight, so weight loss treatments can be avoided.


Ayurveda might seem old-fashioned, but it is still very relevant and practiced all over the world. Ayurvedic medicine in Australia does have some popular clinics like Pure Herbal Ayurved in Melbourne. They not only provide many services that target rejuvenation of the mind and body through natural remedies, but in doing so, also increase awareness about the system of medicine.


From sciatica treatment to panchakarma, natural medicine clinics offer, through Ayurveda, a systematic approach that not only identifies and treats the symptoms of the illness but also identifies and removes the root cause of that illness.


Since each patient’s body constitution is different, and Ayurveda looks at that aspect, the treatments are also individualized and not common. So why not try the old-fashioned way and find a solution that works best for you, and not just in the short-term?

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