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Posted On : 25 June, 2014

Phalasarpis: Herbal Female Fertility Inhancers 




Phalasarpis is medicated ghee and used in Kerala ayurvedic practices. It is used in the management of ovarian cysts or polycystic ovarian diseases. It is helpful to promote fertility of women. It is also given to women supposed to threatened abortion.




Main Ingredients of Phalasarpis




The main ingredients of Phalasarpis are Rubia cordifolia, Saussurea lappa, Valeriana wallichi, three myrobalans, Acorus calamus, Turmeric, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Polygonatum cirrhifolium, Berberis aristata, Withania somnifera, Asparagus racemosus, ghee etc.




The pharmacological action of Phalasarpis




Phalasarpis calms the pitta and pacifies the vata humour. According to biochemistry department of SRM medical college and research centre, Chennai, Phalasarpis has its impact on serum estradiol levels in females. This trail was conducted on female Albino rats under specified conditions.




In this study, it is found that Phalasarpis increases the weight of ovary and rectifies the hormonal levels. It stimulates estradiol production in female’s body and aids in ovulation. Anovulation is the major problem in women suffering from infertility. Therefore, Phalasarpis is used in Ayurveda to treat infertility in women and it is an effective ayurvedic remedy in it. It stimulates maturation of eggs in the ovaries so becomes beneficial in anovulation.




Ayurveda presumes threatened abortion due to lack of strength of the uterus in which a foetus develops. Therefore, Ayurveda recommends strengthening herbs to control and prevent threatened abortion. Phalasarpis is one of these types of ayurvedic medicines used to preclude abortion.




Uses and indications of Phalasarpis




  1. Anovulation
  2. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  3. Female infertility
  4. Threatened abortion
  5. Vaginal problems such as leucorrhea or vaginitis etc.




Side effects and precautions of Phalasarpis




There are no side effects reported with Phalasarpis.





  1. Astanga Hridaya




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