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Rona Says:

Posted On : 16 April, 2014

" I am writing this after waking up from a refreshing NIGHT'S SLEEP and what is special is that it has been after many months that I slept so well for a full 7 hours without waking up in the middle. Ever since the death of my mother, I had been unable to sleep beyond 3 hours every night and this left me tired and irritable in the daytime. When I met Dr. Saini, he convinced me of the need to let go of my grief and anxiety and put me on a therapy consisting of a full body ayurvedic massage with healing oil. This, and the shiro abhyang procedure have helped me tremendously and I am also taking the herbal medicines recommended at the Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. Now, I sleep undisturbed every night and in fact, my husband has begun to complain that he has to call out at least thrice before I wake up.Thank you, Dr. Gurnam. "

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