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Saraswatha Ghrita

Posted On : 25 June, 2014

Saraswatha Ghrita: Natural Treatment for Stammering




Saraswatha Ghrita is a medicated ghee widely used in ayurvedic medicine for brain and neurological diseases. It is also used in children to boost their mental capabilities and treat Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It also aids in the appropriate development of brain in growing children.




Main Ingredients of Saraswatha Ghrita





Saraswatha Ghrita contains Acorus calamus, Moringa oleifera, Cissampelos pareira, long pepper, black pepper and ginger.




The pharmacological action of Saraswatha Ghrita




Saraswatha Ghrita pacifies vata humour mainly. It is brain booster and memory enhancer. It calms the mind and lowers the useless activities due to impulsiveness of mind such as nonstop talks, shaking hands, feet etc.




It increases attention span in children and increases capability of being patient while doing tasks. It aids children suffering from Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).




Uses and indications of Saraswatha Ghrita




  1. Delayed milestones in children
  2. Mental retardation
  3. Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or Hyperactivity – nonstop talk, continuous shaking of hands or feet, problem with sitting still, difficulties in doing daily activities and impatience
  4. Stammering
  5. Memory loss or enhance memory power in children
  6. It boosts intelligence




Side effects and precautions of Saraswatha Ghrita




There are no side effects reported with Saraswatha Ghrita.





  1. Ayurved Saar Sangreh
  2. Bhaishajya Ratanvali




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