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Sarpagandha Vati

Posted On : 25 June, 2014

Sarpagandha Vati: Natural Cure for Insomnia in Melbourne, Australia




Sarpagandha Vati is efficient in lowering blood pressure and widely used in ayurvedic medicine for hypertension and sleeplessness (insomnia). It is also beneficial in hysteria and lunacy.




Main Ingredients of Sarpagandha Vati




Rauwolfia serpentina (Indian snakeroot) is the main ingredient of Sarpagandha Vati , which has alkaloid known as reserpine.




Pharmacological action of Sarpagandha Vati




As per ayurveda, Sarpagandha Vati pacifies vata and kapha due to its hot potency. However, there is a lot of research work available for its pharmacological action. It acts on catecholamines.




It is stored in adrenergic nerves and found in heart. Catecholamines are group of adrenaline, dopamine and nor-adrenaline neurotransmitters. These hormones are secreted from adrenal glands in response of stress.




Stress might be emotional or physical but adrenaline secreted from adrenal gland increases heart rate. Nor-adrenaline constricts blood vessels and elevates blood pressure. Sarpagandha Vati lowers the elevated levels of these catecholamines.




Therefore, it helps to decelerate heart rate and dilates blood vessels. It lowers the blood pressure so it is beneficial for hypertensive patients. In addition, Sarpagandha Vati also helps in cases of hysteria and lunacy by calming the mind and decreasing the emotional stress.




Uses and indications of Sarpagandha Vati




  1. Hypertension – high blood pressure
  2. Hysteria
  3. Insanity or lunacy




Side effects and precautions of Sarpagandha Vati




There are no serious side effects observed with the use of Sarpagandha Vati as it contains herb in crude form. However, reserpine has many side effects, as it is derived alkaloid of Rauwolfia serpentina.





  1. Ayurveda Saar Sangreh
  2. Bhaishjaya Saar Sangreh





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