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Himanshi Chawla Says:

Posted On : 01 February, 2016

" I have been suffering from chronic seborrheic dermatitis for the last 10 months and tried various treatments and products but nothing was fruitful, thereafter, I consulted Dr.... read the rest»

Dominique Says:

Posted On : 12 January, 2016

" I attended the 10 day Panchakarma Health Retreat in November 2015 with Dr Saini and Marye O'Brien and came home feeling calm, relaxed, grounded and happy. Dr Saini ... read the rest»

Gen Lishenko Says:

Posted On : 10 January, 2016

" Seeing Dr Saini for treatment in the past 6 months has been of great benefit for me. I have lost 12 kilos and have been able to be pain free after years of fibromyalgia. i fee... read the rest»

Anthea Says:

Posted On : 07 August, 2015

" I have been suffering from severe joint pain with inflammation in my knees for over a year and have spent lots of money and tried various treatments and nothing has worked unt... read the rest»

Greg Says:

Posted On : 30 June, 2015

" I have been suffering from severe Crohn's for many years and having exhausted medical treatments, labelled in the "Too Hard" basket and advised to have all my l... read the rest»

Tom Auer Says:

Posted On : 25 March, 2015

" I saw Dr Saini with my swollen knee that had troubled me for several months. A mix of oils in conjunction with 3 Janu Basti sessions fixed my knee almost instantly, which was ... read the rest»

Glennis Patston Says:

Posted On : 08 February, 2015

" Several years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis and subsequentially placed on immunosupressive medication. Lately the condition was worsening causing concern abo... read the rest»

Margaret Says:

Posted On : 02 November, 2014

" I have been looking for treatment for sinusitis and have tried millions of products including accupunture etc but all in vain. I had to never look back since I have tried Dr G... read the rest»

Susan Says:

Posted On : 23 October, 2014

" For many years I have participated in meditation sessions and gone to yoga classes, then earlier this year I went to a workshop on Ayurveda where Dr Gurnam Saini was the prese... read the rest»

Methew Aden Says:

Posted On : 16 August, 2014

" I got kati vasti treatment for my severe BACKACHES caused due to INJURY 5 yrs back. Now I am completely pain free. Thanks to Dr Saini's pure ayurvedic clinic.. The best... read the rest»

Showing : of 27 Records
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