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Triphala Churna Powder

Posted On : 28 June, 2014

Triphala Churna Powder: Natural Weight loss Treatment




Triphala Churna Powder is versatile ayurvedic preparation, which has very significant results in gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases and eye diseases. It is also used externally to reduce cellulite in the body. Ayurvedic powder massage is one of the main panchkarma therapy beneficial in obesity. Thriphaladi surname is a chief herbal powder used in this massage. 




Main Ingredients of Triphala Churna Powder 




Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia chebula, Piper longum, Glycyrrhiza glabra are main ingredients present in Triphala Churna Powder .




Pharmacological action of Triphala Churna Powder 




Triphala Churna Powder pacifies all three humours. However, it is more effective in pitta and kapha diseases. It has incredible results in constipation and eye diseases. It soothes the eyes and skin. It reduces inflammation of the eyes and skin due to its anti-inflammatory action.




It mitigates the digestive troubles and enhances proper assimilation of nutrients by improving absorption. It is also laxative. Thereby it is used in chronic constipation. It is non-habit forming mild laxative.




Triphala Churna Powder also has rejuvenative properties by which longevity of person increases. Regular consumption of this herbal powder precludes various diseases and improves eyesight. It also replenishes the exhausted muscular system and nervous system.




In obesity, it is also very helpful to reduce excess body fat. Furthermore, its powder massage is also very helpful to reduce cellulite. Triphala Churna Powder increases metabolism of the body and prevents fat accumulation.




Uses and indications of Triphala Churna Powder 




  1. Eye diseases – Cataract, Conjunctivitis, improves eyesight
  2. Skin diseases
  3. Gingivitis
  4. Constipation
  5. Peptic ulcer
  6. Obesity
  7. Inflammatory diseases of skin
  8. Wounds




Side effects and precautions of Triphala Churna Powder 




There are no side effects observed with Triphala Churna Powder . However, it should not be used in diarrhoea.



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  1. Ayurved saar sangreh
  2. Ras tantra saar volume 1





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