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Understanding Ayurveda And Indian Medicine - The Holistic Approach (Part 1)

Posted On : 25 July, 2017

They say that just as a machine needs to be oiled, the human body too needs a specific set of nutrients to keep working as a well-oiled machine. And nature, our mother, has provided all of us with these nutrients - we just need to reach out and gran these gifts.


THAT is the basic principle that the ancient science of Ayurveda is based on - a holistic nature based healing system that has the power to heal almost any ailment with the goodness of herbal remedies and therapy. It is a science that takes a holistic approach towards treating health conditions. Let’s explore how this work:


Ayurvedic treatment always believes in treating any health problem at its core. It aims at balancing the energies in the human body and identifying the actual imbalance that is causing bodily systems to malfunction. And your doctor will recommend a combination of Ayurvedic diet and Ayurvedic massage to restore balance and help regain your health and wellness. It is crucial that you take up this holistic treatment approach as only then will you be able to enjoy the lasting solutions to your ailments that Ayurveda promises.


But for guiding your body towards this natural state of balance, your Ayurvedic doctor in Melbourne will first have to determine the actual nature of your body - the natural inclination of its systems and the core energies that are running it. This process is known as dosha identification.


In our next post, we will explore how holistic Ayurvedic treatments attempt to cure ailments by identifying and rectifying dosha imbalances.


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