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Why Use Natural Skin Care Products?

Posted On : 25 November, 2016

Okay, basic things first – why is skin so important to us? Because it is the exterior of the human body, and helps in sustaining several life functions. Apart from being an important sense organ, it has many functions, including


  • Protecting body against the foreign elements
  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Excretion of body wastes in the form of sweat
  • It serves as a cover to the body
  • It is responsible for the synthesis of vitamin D, etc.


In summary, skin helps us to stay healthy and aware of our surroundings. It does not only protect us against bacteria and bugs, but also protects us from sun’s harmful UV rays. Also, the state our skin is the first criteria that someone judges us on.


Considering the vital functions our skin performs, it is obvious why we need to look after our skin and make sure that it is provided with every opportunity to remain healthy.


Now, the question here is: why should you choose natural ayurvedic skin care products?

Well, with harmful ingredients in skin care products being all that media reports warning the consumers about, this shouldn't be a tough question to answer.


The most commonly used skin care products that are commercially available in supermarkets and departmental stores contain synthetic ingredients and artificial colours which our body often finds difficult to eliminate. As a result, these chemicals tend to get stacked up on the tissues. And many researches have shown that accumulation of these many of such substances can give you some serious health issues.          

So, is using natural products healthy for skin?


The answer is definitely yes. Since you are using everything organic, it won’t be having any harmful chemicals. This, in turn, means no health hazard. Also, natural remedies are quite pocket friendly comparatively and can be easily prepared at home.

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