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Ayurveda in Melbourne: Benefits and Treatments

Ayurveda in Melbourne: A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Ayurveda In melbourne

Melbourne is evolving into a haven for Ayurvedic practises thanks to its vibrant streets, stunning architecture, and rich culture. Numerous Ayurvedic clinics and wellness centres can be found in the city, attracting both locals and visitors who want to practise this traditional form of ayurveda medicine.


Searching for a natural way to maintain harmony in your body, mind, and spirit? You might benefit greatly from Ayurveda. Ayurveda, an alternative medical system that has been used for thousands of years, provides a holistic method of addressing health and wellbeing that aims to bring harmony to your entire being.


This article will examine the world of Ayurveda and provide answers to some of the most frequently asked queries regarding this traditional Indian herbal medical system. You can learn more about Ayurveda by reading on, whether you're new to it or have been using it for a while.


Understanding Ayurveda


The Sanskrit word ayurveda literally translates to "the science of life." Ayurveda as a herbal or natural medical system emphasises balancing the body's doshas (biological energies) to promote healing and a holistic approach to health and wellness.


Ayurveda is fundamentally about maintaining harmony and balance throughout your entire being by living in accordance with the natural rhythms of life. Ayurveda aims to restore balance and health to the body, mind, and spirit through dietary adjustments, herbal oil massage, herbal remedies, and other practises.


What is Ayurveda?


Over 5000 years ago, in India, the Ayurvedic medical system was developed. It is predicated on the idea that the harmony of the three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—is essential to one's health and wellbeing. Ayurvedic practitioners think that the best health and wellbeing can be attained by rebalancing the doshas.


Ayurvedic Treatments in Melbourne


Melbourne's Ayurvedic scene offers a variety of treatments, including massages, herbal remedies, diet adjustments, panchakarma detox and lifestyle modifications. The following are a few of the popular treatments:


Abhyanga Massage: Warm oil is applied to the entire body during an abhyanga massage, which is intended to balance the doshas, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.


Shirodhara: Shirodhara is a procedure in which warm oil is continuously poured onto the forehead is said to calm the mind, lessen stress, and improve sleep.


Panchakarma: A thorough purification procedure that eliminates toxins from the body using massage, steam therapy, and herbal remedies.


Dietary Changes: Ayurvedic practitioners in Melbourne may suggest dietary changes based on a person's dosha, including incorporating herbal supplements and spices. A healthy diet is important in Ayurveda.


Finding the Right Ayurvedic Practitioner or Doctor in Melbourne


It's critical to pick a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner as Ayurveda gains popularity in Melbourne. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best medical professional:


Look for Ayurveda professionals who have received Ayurvedic training and are well-versed in the doshas balancing.


Consult with friends or family members who have had success with Ayurvedic treatments for recommendations.


Look for ayurveda professionals who have a solid reputation and are well-respected in the community


To find a right ayurveda doctor you feel comfortable with and who you believe can help you achieve your health goals, set up consultations with a few different ayurveda doctors.


The Advantages of Ayurveda in Melbourne


There are many advantages to Ayurveda for both physical and mental health. The following are some of the most frequently cited advantages:


  • Enhanced digestion and toxin removal from the body.
  • Increased vitality and energy.
  • Help to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Decreased anxiety and stress.
  • Improved health of the hair and skin.


Is Ayurveda Recognized as a Form of Medicine in Melbourne, Australia?


Ayurveda is acknowledged as an alternative medical system and is used by qualified professionals in many nations, including Australia. Many people discover that Ayurveda offers a kinder, more holistic approach to health and wellness that is well-suited to their needs and preferences, even though it may not be as widely accepted as traditional Western medicine.


How Does Ayurveda Differ from Western Medicine?


Ayurveda adopts a much more comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing than Western medicine, which frequently focuses on using medications and surgery to treat symptoms and diseases. Ayurveda focuses on balancing the doshas and restoring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit rather than treating specific symptoms.


This means that a variety of techniques, such as massage, herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, or even yoga and meditation, may be used in Ayurvedic treatments. Instead of just treating one aspect of the body or mind, the aim is to restore balance to the entire being.


What Can I Expect During an Ayurvedic Treatment?


The type of treatment you receive will determine the specific experience of an Ayurvedic treatment. While some treatments might involve yoga or meditation, others might entail herbal remedies, dietary changes, or massage.


Regardless of the treatment, you can anticipate a peaceful, relaxing encounter that aims to encourage healing and balance in your body, mind, and spirit.


How Often Should I Receive Ayurvedic Treatments?


The number of Ayurvedic treatments you receive will depend on your personal health objectives and the advice of your Ayurveda practitioner. For certain health issues, some people may need treatments every week or every month, while others may only need them occasionally.


Ayurveda's ultimate objective is to help you achieve balance and harmony in your life, so how frequently you receive treatments will depend on your personal needs and preferences.


Is Ayurveda Safe for Everyone?


Ayurveda is typically regarded as safe for many people, but as with any type of medicine, it is crucial to speak with a trained professional before starting any new treatments or practises. People with certain medical conditions may not be able to use certain Ayurvedic treatments.


Top Rated Ayurveda Clinic and Doctors of Melbourne


Melbourne's Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is a renowned Ayurvedic facility renowned for its superior therapies and offerings. One of Melbourne's top Ayurvedic clinics, the facility has received nothing but praise from pleased customers.


The practitioners at the Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic are highly skilled in Ayurvedic medicine and have a thorough understanding of the doshas and the fundamentals of Ayurveda. Utilizing this information, they create individualised treatment plans for their patients to promote their overall wellness and best possible health.


The Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic has established itself as a top choice for those looking for Ayurvedic treatments in Melbourne thanks to its dedication to giving patients the best care possible. The Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is the ideal option for those seeking a more natural and holistic approach to health and wellness, whether you're looking for a massage, herbal remedies, or dietary changes.


You can anticipate a friendly and welcoming environment at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic, as well as a staff of experts committed to assisting you in achieving optimal health and well-being. Ayurveda doctors here are trained in nadi or pulse diagnosis and ayurveda panchakarma therapists are highly skilled from the birthplace of Ayurveda, Kerala.


For anyone interested in incorporating Ayurvedic practises into their life, Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is a must-visit. Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is the ideal place to begin your path to ideal health and wellbeing because of its wide range of treatments, knowledgeable staff, and emphasis on natural healing.


Patients can learn more about Ayurvedic medicine and how to apply it to their daily lives by enrolling in a variety of educational workshops and classes that the Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic offers in addition to its therapeutic services. Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic offers solutions for everyone, whether you want to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, reduce stress, or improve your physical health.


For thousands of years, people have used ayurvedic medicine to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing. Numerous advantages can result from incorporating Ayurvedic practises into your life, such as better digestion, more energy, and a reduction in stress. Incorporating this age-old practise into one's life is simple thanks to Melbourne's burgeoning Ayurvedic scene, which provides a wide range of treatments and practitioners. Ayurveda might be the best option for you if you want to improve your physical health or reduce stress and anxiety.



F and Q related to Ayurveda In Melbourne 


1. What is Ayurveda, and how does it differ from Western medicine?


Ayurveda originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda promotes wellness by harmonising the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda tailors treatment to your body type, lifestyle, and health concerns, unlike western medicine.


2. How can Ayurveda help me achieve better physical and mental health?


Ayurveda can improve your physical and mental health by identifying the cause of your health issues and providing customised treatment and diet plans. Ayurveda's natural remedies for wellness include herbal remedies, diet changes, massage, panchakarma and meditation.


3. Are there any Ayurvedic clinics or practitioners in Melbourne, and how do I find them?


Ayurvedic practitioners and centres are in Melbourne. Find them online or through friends, family, or local health and wellness organisations. Check for best google reviews!!


4. What types of treatments and therapies are typically used in Ayurveda, and how do they work?

Ayurveda uses herbs, massage, diet, meditation, and other natural treatments (e.g. panchakarma, shirodhara etc). These therapies mmay help to manage symptoms and prevent illness by promoting body-mind balance.


5. Can Ayurveda be used in conjunction with other forms of medical treatment or therapy?


Ayurveda can be used with other treatments. To ensure safety and suitability, consult your ayurveda doctor before starting any new therapy.


6. How long does an Ayurvedic treatment plan usually take, and what can I expect from the process?


Your needs and health goals determine Ayurvedic treatment duration. Some treatments last weeks, while others last months or years. Your Ayurvedic practitioner will create a personalised treatment plan with dietary changes, herbal remedies, and other complementary therapies.


7. Are Ayurvedic treatments safe?


Ayurvedic treatments may have side effects like other medical procedures. A skilled Ayurvedic practitioner can help you avoid risks and ensure your treatment is safe and effective.


8. How much does Ayurvedic treatment cost, and is it covered by insurance?


Ayurvedic treatment costs vary by practitioner, type, and location. Melbourne initial consultations cost $100–$200, with subsequent treatments cheaper. See if your insurance covers Ayurvedic treatment.


9. Is Ayurveda for everyone?


Ayurveda can help people of all ages and health conditions, but it's important to work with a qualified and experienced ayurveda practitioner who can help you create a safe and effective treatment plan.


10 How can I incorporate Ayurvedic principles into my daily life to promote optimal health and wellness?


Ayurvedic principles can be applied in many ways. Ideas:

  • Balanced, whole-foods diet tailored to your needs and body type
  • Self-massage, yoga, and meditation should be daily routines.
  • Sleep well every night.
  • Breathing exercises and mindfulness reduce stress.
  • Eat Ayurvedic herbs and spices.
  • Adjust your diet and lifestyle to your body's signals.
  • Create a personalised treatment plan with an Ayurvedic professional to address specific health issues and promote wellness.



10 most books on Ayurveda


  1. Charaka Samhita - Agnivesha, Charaka, Dridhabala (English Translation by P. V. Sharma)
  2. Sushruta Samhita - Sushruta (English Translation by Kaviraj Kunja Lal Bhishagratna)
  3. Ashtanga Hridaya - Vagbhata (English Translation by K. R. Srikantha Murthy)
  4. Bhaisajya Ratnavali - Govinda Das Sen (English Translation by Kaviraj Ataladeva Vidyalankar)
  5. Madhava Nidanam - Madhavakara (English Translation by K.R. Srikantha Murthy)
  6. Sharngadhara Samhita - Sharngadhara (English Translation by Dr. G. Prabhakar Rao)
  7. Yoga Ratnakara - Vagbhata (English Translation by P.V. Sharma)
  8. Chakradatta - Chakrapani Datta (English Translation by R.K. Sharma and Bhagwan Dash)
  9. Bhaishajya Kalpana Vijnanam - K.R. Srikantha Murthy
  10. Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants - Vaidya V.M. Gogte.

Google Reviews



  • I consulted Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic for my teenage son to improve his height. He was 4.11 at 13. I was very worried as we are not tall parents and I thought to do something natural soon before its too late. I took a phone consultation with Dr Saini at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. Range of dietary, lifestyle changes were suggested and some Ayurvedic medicine was posted to me. I am very happy to say that with in six months, my son has shown a significant improvement in height. His family and friends have all acknowledged the improvement in height. I highly recommend Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic for natural height improvements.

    Gurvinder Kaur

  • 3+ years ago just before covid hit, I had sudden intolerance to a string of food predominantly gluten, cow's milk, egg and night shade vegetables. Energy was low and brain was foggy. I consulted and tried other treatments but minimal improvement. I was recommended to Drs Saini and Pooja by a friend who came out of her issues after ayurvedic treatments. Without hesitation, i consulted and started my ayurvedic journey 2+ years ago. It was the best decision I made. During those time, I had 2 sessions of panchakarma treatments. 2+ years later, I can now confidently say that I am able to incorporate gluten and cows milk products into my diet without any issue. My energy is back to normal and the other bonus for me is that unnecessary food cravings have diminished. I am very grateful and appreciated Drs Saini & Pooja's dedication and patient throughout my ayurvedic journey...

    Jessy T

  • I have been struggling with IBS-C related gut issues for over 10 years, have been eating low fodmap for many years with no resolutions to my gut function. Recently I’ve been seeing Gurnam Saini (Ayurvedic Doctor) and in only one month of treatment with natural therapies I’ve seen outstanding results. Previously I was unable to digest foods properly/unable to have regular or efficient bowel movements (feeling very unwell due to this), back pain related to abdominal pain, having trouble sleeping and low energy. I’m currently one month into treatment and I never thought I’d be able to restore regular gut function, but I’m properly digesting foods, my sleep is phenomenal and I have a surge in energy, most importantly my mind feels clear and focused with no brain fog and I feel like myself again after years living with the stress of IBS. I’m going to start re-introducing foods in 6 months and have great faith in the knowledge and professionalism shown by Gurnam Saini and the team at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic.

    Tara Johnson

  • Three weeks after my first visit with Gurnam, I started noticing big differences in the symptoms that I was experiencing as a result of hormonal imbalance, anxiety & stress, sleeplessness, hair loss, diabetes and weight issues. The most noticeable change were my hot flushes. My constant hot flushes (approx every 20-30 minutes) were debilitating and driving me to the point where I was just not going out. I was constantly hot and not sleeping week at all. Within 3 weeks this changed to about 2 during the day and just general warmth overnight, which meant I was sleeping better and not having to get up and cool my face and wash my body before returning to bed. My anxiety levels have been reduced significantly, even though I have still been faced with stressful situations and the hair fall much less. The herbal tea that I make each morning and drink through the day keeps me full and is neutral tasting unlike other ‘tonics’ Ive tried before. I look forward to seeing Gurnam monthly to get my mix of Herbal treatments and feeling better with each visit. Thank you Gurnam 🙌🏽

    Caroline Roberts

  • 100% Authentic Ayurveda Clinic.. Highly recommended for genuine ayurcedic treatments..

    Vishnu Datt Sharma- C.E.O

  • I strongly recommend Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic to anyone who is looking into natural and organic health benefits. I consulted Ayurvedic Doctor Dr Gurnam Saini for hair loss treatment, as I had almost tried everything from expensive hair products to medicine for years and was highly disappointed. Dr Saini was very detailed and made me understand how lot of factors including my digestive fire, my sleep, my lifestyle etc. were directly impacting my hair health. I was highly impressed with his knowledge and his passion about getting me to understand the root cause. I clearly figured out how I was not in sync with my body. I am actually surprised that these organic ayurvedic medicines are very effective, as that was not my immediate expectation and I thought it will be a very lengthy process, but I was ready to give it a go! He also gave a me a specific ayurvedic organic hair oil to put on my scalp. It's been 3 months and I have almost completely stopped loosing hair and gaining more volume in my hair. I also found that taking shirodhara and nasya and head massage ayurvedic therapies of Dr Saini's recommendation was also important part of the treatment. I now feel more connected to my body and definitely my hair growth is visible to me and my family. Thank you Dr Gurnam Saini and Dr Pooja Saini (for those amazing therapies). You guys are working for a great cause.

    mikayla weaver

  • I saw Dr Saini in July 2019 for “acid reflux” after suffering of months. I tried different medicines but didn’t work. There was a time I started believing that there was no permanent cure to this disease. Dr Saini is an authentic Ayurvedic doctor. He can do miracles for you. I honestly believe he’s a blessing for the city of Melbourne otherwise it would have been very hard to physically see an Ayurvedic doctor like him. My heart burn got worst with the time & became just unbearable. I couldn’t eat anything or sleep at all. Finally, I found him via google and peoples reviews convinced me to give him a call. He’s an angel & listens everything. He gave me a three month’s plan which I completed happily. But unbelievably my acid reflux reduced 80% within three days & completely gone in five days & it never came back since then. I’m so happy & enjoying my life like I used to. God bless Dr Saini & God bless those who wrote reviews which convinced me to give him a call first time.

    Talented Skull

  • I would highly recommend this place. I suffered from bad sinutisis and hayfever since last 4 years . Doctor recommend me to do operation for sinutisis but thanks to Dr saini that I got overcome from this sinutisis without operation.i would highly recommend people who suffering like me please refer to DR Saini instead of going for other medications .

    dipti trivedi

  • I would highly recommend Dr Saini for the treatment of Arthritis.I had pain,stiffness and numbness in my fingers and joints.Its been a year now and I have noticed 80% improvement in my condition.Thank you Dr Saini.

    Uma Kaur

  • I’ve had sinus problems my whole life, sneezing multiple times a day, always had a blocked nose and snoring quite bad. After my treatment with Dr Saini, my breathing is so much better, my nose is now unblocked and snoring has reduced dramatically. My sneezing has also reduced a lot. I recommend his treatments if you have similar issues

    Marie L'eveille

  • I cannot recommend highly enough. This has been my first experience with Ayurvedic medicine and the Panchakarma cleanse and I can finally say that after years of striving for better health and wellbeing, I finally understand what is going to work for me moving forward. Having experience a traumatic event and subsequent PTSD 5 years ago, my gut and my body became increasingly compromised. In this time I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome and various ailments of the gut. I came to see Dr Saini and Pooja at a time that I felt frustrated with my years of work to see some more obvious progress with my healing. Having completed the Panchakarma cleanse, I am feeling fully renewed. Awake. Settled. I no longer struggle to wake each morning and get through each day. My appetite feels steady and all cravings have completely ceased. I now have some tools under my belt to fall back on when I know my digestive system needs a break. This cleanse has been a complete game changer. Thankyou Dr Saini and Pooja for you incredible guidance and support. Liz

    Lizmo 29

  • I highly recommend Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. I saw Dr Gurnam for 6 months because of increased long term insomnia. The holistic approach offered definately was a huge help. I am able to sleep so much better and my general mental health has dramatically improved. Please consider the ancient practice of Ayurvedic Medicine for any aspect of your health. Dr Gurnam really cares and wants to work with you to give you the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes.

    Ochre Shaw