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Ayurvedic Consultation Melbourne

Author : Gurnam Saini  

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Ayurvedic Consultation Melbourne
Ayurvedic Consultation Melbourne

Ayurveda has been derived from two words, ayur and VedaAyur stands for life and Veda means knowledge.


There are umpteen health problems which may be resolved by the systematic application of ayurvedic concepts and herbs. Ayurvdeda suggests that every person has their unique ayurvedic body type and it is important to get the right consultation to get an understanding on the ayurveda principles and which treatment pathway works for you and will suit your body.


What Happens During Ayurveda Consultation at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic?


Your Ayurveda Practitioner (Qualified as Ayurveda doctor from India) will help you diagnose the main problems that you are suffering according to different ayurvedic principles. 


It is also important to assess the different strengths and weakness of an individual in terms of their unique ayurvedic body type, before the right lifestyle modification can be prescribed with different herbs and yoga exercise.


When lifestyle and food are chosen unwisefully or against one’s Ayurvedic body type,  different medical ailments are mainly caused after the imbalance of doshas.  Hence, Ayurvedic Doctor needs to get down to the cause of the problem. When the main cause has been ascertained, it is a lot easier to find the finest ayurvedic treatment options, which can be offered.


Some people are of the opinion that ayurvedic herbs or treatments have a general healing nature and regardless of the kind of problem, one may seek benefit from it. However, in order to get the right kind of help and to achieve specific health goal, it is important to understand the exact body type of a person and diagnose the main imbalanced dosha.


Based upon those diagnosis, our team at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic including Gurnam Saini or Pooja Saini come to the right decision regarding which type of lifestyle corrections, food items, yoga, ayurvedic herb and ayurvedic treatment or detox may be applied.


Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic In Melbourne, Australia


Ayurveda doesn’t promote using complex chemicals which can adversely impact the body. The focus is always on restoring the natural balance of the body by correcting diet and lifestyle, using ayurvedic herbs which may generally be considered safe and non toxic, but one should be mindful that in rare cases they may also develop adverse reactions if not taken under the supervision of a qualified ayurvedic practitioner.


Team of Ayurvedic Practitioners of Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic make a detailed and thorough analysis of the ayurvedic aspects of general health of the patient before prescribing any form of recommendations.


What Do The  Ayurveda Consultation Sessions Cover with Gurnam Saini or Pooja Saini?


In general, when you avail the services of an ayurveda doctors for a health consultation, you are likely to go through the following.


  • Diagnosis of your original unique ayurvedic body type
  • Diagnosis of your imbalance state of doshas (vikriti)
  • Diagnosis of your disease according to Ayurvedic science.
  • Detail lifestyle assessment and corrections
  • Individualized Diet and Nutrition information – list of about 500 names of vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, dairy products etc. will be provided.
  • Prescription of disease based Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama "Breathe Exercise"
  • Prescriptions of Ayurvedic Products and Narutal Remedies if required.
  • Prescription of Cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies or Panchakarma Detox if required.


Of course, the core details will vary from one ayurvedic practitioner to another. However, ayurveda mainly aims at understanding your body and the functioning in a deeper manner. The focus is to get a clear idea of where things have gone wrong. This is why you should not opt for over the counter ayurvedic herbs.



Handling The Mind, Body and Soul Imbalance


Ayurveda believes that essentially all troubles boil down to the imbalance between your body and mind. You have to be sure that your body and mind are in harmony with each other and so the states of the dosha have to be determined and stabalised.






Gurnam Saini

Ayurvedic Practitioner (Recognised as Ayurvedic Doctor in India)

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India

MD in Alternative Medicine from India 

Certificate in Ayurveda Panchkarma Detox from India

Certificate in Ayurveda Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis from India

Member of AAA (Australasian Association of Ayurveda)

PH- 0061 430 799 515 





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