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Ayurvedic Cooking Classes Training

Author : Gurnam Saini  

Price : AUD 150.00

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes Training
Ayurvedic Cooking Classes Training

“You are what you eat. Every 28 days your, skin changes itself. Your liver, 5 months. Your bones, 10 years. Your entire body system makes these new cells from the foodstuff you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. You have a choice in  what you are made of”


Ayurvedic Recipes Course In Melbourne


Ayurvedic dishes are magical. To comprehend them do be a part of our Ayurvedic Cooking meals Sessions. We offer the best Ayurvedic Cooking meals Classes, Ayurvedic Cooking meals Course or Training in Melbourne, Australia.


Ayurveda involves the healing of body system, mind and soul through diet program, lifestyle (including yoga and meditation), medicinal Ayurvedic herbs, and refreshing Ayurvedic treatments.


Ayurvedic nutrition shows those proper meals mixing and appropriate cooking techniques can make a vital contribution to continuous excellent wellness, as appropriate digestive function is one of the fundamental concepts to optimum wellness.


Ayurveda can provide excellent insight about which meals will suit and balance you according to your constitution, dosha imbalance, and season.


Ayurvedic recipes are unique for its importance on making sure each dish is cooked and spiced properly so to achieve maximum digestibility to prevent the formation of toxins (which is a result of poorly consumed food).


Through our Ayurvedic Cooking Class Sessions, you can know how to cook and prepare meals properly to prevent combinations that will make poisons or toxins within your body.


Joining our Ayurvedic Cooking meals Classes will make awareness on suitable diet program to bring stability, harmony and wellness into your daily lifestyle, based on Ayurvedic concepts and your human physique or Ayurvedic body type


Ayurvedic Diet Melbourne


Join our Ayurvedic cooking class to know:


1. The significance of agni (digestive fire) and taste for digestion;

2. The qualities or features of food;

3. Six taste theory

4. The significance of cooking with respect and love.


Learn the standard Ayurvedic concepts of Rasa (taste), Virya (action), Vipak (post intestinal effect) and Prabhav (specific action) as applied to meals and spices or herbs.


Learn about the fundamental spices or herbs of an Ayurvedic kitchen.


Understand why certain dietary routines can affect well-being by deranging the Doshas, and much more!


During this program you will also be given a Welcome Package with the standard directing tools to discover how to apply the ancient yet understanding of Ayurveda into your daily lifestyle.


Furthermore, we will make sure you realize what you're doing and why, every step of the way, while directing you on this process at your own pace and according to your own needs.


Food planning is an art and a joy. Appropriate diet program is also excellent medication and the key to a long, vibrant and healthy lifestyle. It is key to everyone's lifestyle be educated in the information meals and their planning.


Ayurvedic Cooking Class In Melbourne


The purpose of ayurvedic cooking classes at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is to combine the intellect of the spices or herbs, the intellect of vegetables and the intellect of the fat - all the different enzymes and energetics - in a way that is not confusing for your bodies intellect to break down and incorporate.


Ayurvedic cooking techniques are easy on this tract. You can prepare ayurvedic vegetables in one of two ways.


The first way is to steam the vegetables and then add the spices or herbs, which have been sautéed in ghee, grape oil or olive oil.


The second way is to sauté the spices or herbs in ghee, grape oil or olive oil and to then add the vegetables and sauté for a few minutes. Cover and make preparations at low temperature.


If you are preparing a curry (vegetables with sauce), add a bit of water to finish cooking the vegetables


The best thing you can do for well being every day of the year is to eat smartly. Meals are just as, or even more, powerful than medication.


If you do not eat the right meals, and do not adhere to excellent dietary routines, medication won't be of much use in regaining wellness.


On the other hand, if you eat the right meals for your structure, and adhere to an excellent routine that enhances intestinal function, your body system will not need medication for the most part.


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Gurnam Saini

Ayurvedic Consultant (Known as Ayurvedic doctor in India)

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India

MD Alternative Medicine from India 

Panchkarma Detox Expert

Member of AAA(Australian Association of Ayurveda)

PH- 0061 430 799 515 



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Disclaimer:  Any member of Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic team including Gurnam Saini and Pooja Saini is not claiming to be a Medical Doctor or registered with Medical Board of Australia. If the word doctor is used anywhere in advertising or referencing members of Pure Herbal Ayurved clinic, it is suggestive of ayurvedic doctors recognised in India after achieving Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery qualification. This qualification is recognised in Australia by vetassess governing body as Naturopath and by AAA  as Ayurveda Doctor. Click her for more details disclaimer, terms & conditions for using our website or services.





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