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Ayurvedic Medicine Side Effects

Author : Gurnam Saini  

Posted On : 12 May, 2020

Does Ayurvedic Medicine has Side Effects?

Does Ayurvedic Medicine has side effects?

If you have heard about Ayurveda, a traditional medicine science from India, you may have heard some famous quotes that usually go with it, for instance; “Ayurveda is all natural”, “Ayurveda does not have side effects” or “Ayurvedic medicine does not cause side effects” etc. It may make you want to truly enquire, “Does Ayurvedic Medicine cause any side effects?” or “Is Ayurvedic Medicine Safe? We are here to help you understand Ayurvedic medicine and answer your questions and put your worries at ease.


Firstly, one should understand that Ayurveda medicine although mainly derived from plants, but sometimes may contain animal products like milk and milk products, depending on its formulation. It sometimes also uses bee wax or honey. In some products, purified heavy metals like, copper, lead, mercury is also used in the formulations of Ayurvedic medicine. Heavy metals used in Ayurvedic Medicine have sometimes been associated with increased level of metal in the person’s body. This should not be ignored, as it may sometimes lead to toxicity. 


Australians should find peace in knowing that Ayurvedic medicine containing any heavy metal is not allowed in Australia. Under the TGA Act 1989, Australia has been strictly monitoring and controlling the type of Ayurvedic medicine that can be prescribed to Australian population by an Ayurvedic Doctor or practitioner.


Does that mean Plant based Ayurvedic medicine does not have side effects? Well the answer is not as simple as yes or no. Plant based Ayurvedic medicine is generally considered safe, but may exhibit adverse reaction or side effects on some occasions, but it is important to understand why a person gets any side effect from an Ayurvedic medicine and what those side effects might be.


When using Ayurvedic medicine, one should be very clear in mind that Ayurvedic medicine is not a Home Remedy or Grandma’s Magic Remedy. It is also not just a Kitchen Medicine or Kitchen Science. Any Ayurvedic medicine when taken by someone is going to have an effect. Ayurvedic medicine is not a Placebo. Wether that effect is going to be positive or negative, but will have an effect. 


Now this is where we need to put further emphasis on the question about side effects of Ayurvedic medicine. If a person has taken an Ayurvedic medicine under the guidance and supervision of an Ayurvedic Expert like an Ayurvedic Doctor or Ayurvedic Practitioner, one may experience barely minimal or no side effects. As an Ayurvedic Doctor will consider multiple factors before prescribing any medicine to you. 


An Ayurvedic Practitioner will consider factors like the Person’s natural Ayurvedic Doshas, imbalance of those Doshas, person’s physical and mental/emotional strength, person’s level of immunity, person’s digestive fire strength, any allergy, intolerance towards specific food, level of sleep, exercise, family health tendencies and other current or past medicines taken by the person etc.


An Ayurveda medicine prescribed after careful consideration of these factors is usually safe and may not exhibit any side effects. In Contrast, if a person chooses to buy an Ayurvedic medicine over the counter or online or try a friend’s dose of Ayurvedic medicine, as the friend has shown positive results, then that person may experience adverse reaction or side effects, as that Ayurvedic medicine might be carefully prescribed to your friend by an Ayurvedic Practitioner, but may be too strong for you as your body strength, immunity or digestive fire might be different from your friend. 


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For instance, a simple Ayurvedic medicine named Triphala, a dry powder of three berries, that is considered a Rasayana, a general health rejuvinating powder in Ayurveda, has been used by millions everyday around the world, but this simple Ayurvedic medicine can sometimes cause side effects like abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, skin rashes etc, despite the same dose for two people with same age group, as those two people may have different digestive strength etc. 


Some Ayurvedic medicine may show drug interactions with conventional allopathic medicine. For example, Boswellia, one of the Ayurvedic Medicine used as natural pain relief in arthritis, may interact with allopathic blood thinner medicine called warfarin. 


It is very important to inform your Ayurveda Doctor of any other medicine that you may be taking, so he or she can carefully choose the Ayurvedic medicine for you and it is also suggested that one should inform any complementary medicine to their GP.


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Extra caution is warranted in the advanced internet era, where one can buy anything from anywhere around the world. People in Australia should be vigilant, when planning to take an online consult from an Ayurveda Practitioner, sitting in overseas (outside Australia), who might although be treating you based on true Ayurveda Principles, but might be completely unaware of the legislation related to the cetegory of Ayurvedic herbal medicine allowed in Australia. That overseas Practitioner can unknowingly send the restricted Ayurvedic herbs or Ayurvedic medicine to you in Australia. For safety reasons, this type of ordering of Ayurvedic medicine from overseas should not be encouraged. There is a reason why Australia has restricted and categoried certain type of Ayurvedic Medicine in Australia and that reason is to keep Australians safe and avoid any harmful effects.


If you are using any ayurvedic products, with name or its ingredient’s name ending with Ras, Rasa or Bhasma, then you should immediately stop using them (as it may contain heavy metal), and you should consult Ayurveda doctor or practitioner in Australia to seek the right alternative.


So in nutshell, an Ayurveda Medicine when taken after a detailed Ayurveda consultation with an Ayurveda Practitioner in Australia and closely monitored by the same Ayurvedic expert, is generally considered safe and free from side effects, but contrast can be seen in cases, who like to experiment with their Ayurvedic medicine without proper expert Ayurvedic supervision.


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Author Bio:

Gurnam Saini has over 15 years’ experience in Ayurvedic naturopathy treatments in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed his bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He has done MD in Alternative Medicine and certificate courses in Panchakarma Detox, Pulse diagnosis and skin care. He is also a member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA). He has won awards for ground-breaking work in Ayurveda globally. Read More

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    madhu !

  • I saw Dr Saini in July 2019 for “acid reflux” after suffering of months. I tried different medicines but didn’t work. There was a time I started believing that there was no permanent cure to this disease. Dr Saini is an authentic Ayurvedic doctor. He can do miracles for you. I honestly believe he’s a blessing for the city of Melbourne otherwise it would have been very hard to physically see an Ayurvedic doctor like him. My heart burn got worst with the time & became just unbearable. I couldn’t eat anything or sleep at all. Finally, I found him via google and peoples reviews convinced me to give him a call. He’s an angel & listens everything. He gave me a three month’s plan which I completed happily. But unbelievably my acid reflux reduced 80% within three days & completely gone in five days & it never came back since then. I’m so happy & enjoying my life like I used to. God bless Dr Saini & God bless those who wrote reviews which convinced me to give him a call first time.

    Talented Skull

  • I would highly recommend this place. I suffered from bad sinutisis and hayfever since last 4 years . Doctor recommend me to do operation for sinutisis but thanks to Dr saini that I got overcome from this sinutisis without operation.i would highly recommend people who suffering like me please refer to DR Saini instead of going for other medications .

    dipti trivedi

  • I decided to take my 10 yr old daughter to Dr Saini after 9.5 yrs of struggling with eczema and food intolerances, and no solutions found but topical, long term use of cortisone creams. After only one month, we saw massive improvements in her skin, finally clearing up the majority of her eczema. This was done with herbal capsules and without needing to remove various foods from her diet. That improvement allowed us to tackle other health concerns like her consistent disturbed sleep. Now 4 months on, her skin is perfect, and her sleep is mostly uninterrupted. Any sporadic nighttime waking is for a very short period of time. And even better, now we can focus on her digestion which is my last concern for her. I can’t recommend Ayurvedic medicine enough to gently and naturally heal and balance out your body. l had done lots of reading on Ayurveda before we tried it, and all my expectations have been met and I’m sure will be exceeded in the near future. Thank you Dr Saini, for your kind and gentle consultations, and genuine interest in better health outcomes for your patients.

    Deniel Condon

  • Thank you Dr Saini for the remarkable improvement in my health since first seeing you only 3 months ago. With herbal supplements, herbal teas and a single panchakarma treatment I have already experienced the following benefits that western medicine had not been able to assist: * Lower blood pressure permitting a reduction in medication. * Reduced anxiety. * No dizziness or fainting following sudden exercise such as climbing stairs. * Eye floaters gone. * Persistent (2 year) cough almost gone. * Frequent reflux gone. With continued treatment and lifestyle changes I am looking forward to: * normal blood pressure without medication, * weight loss without strict diets, * cough gone!

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  • It was a wonderful experience with u guys.A natural way to fight the disease with no side effects of treatment.

    Harmeet Kaur