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Author : Gurnam Saini  

Best Natural Male Penis Enhancement Pills For Length and Girth

The ‘Male enhancement pills’ is the term used to refer to the range of herbal products and supplements aimed at improving sexual performance of men. These pills contain herbs that work in different ways to bring about a change in the sexual performance of men. Some of the best male enhancement pills for length and girth are formulated keeping in mind the desire of men to have a longer and harder sex organ. Because most men believe that their sexual performance and the intensity of the orgasms depend on the size of the penis. That is why; men are always trying to enhance the size and girth of their penis.


Ayurveda and How to Increase Sex Time Naturally


However, while it is true that the increased penile size may enhance the sexual pleasure to some extent, it is the effective blood flow into the penis during intercourse that holds higher importance as far as orgasm and pleasure are concerned. Hence, ayurvedic treatments are directed at offering herbal remedies that can enhance the blood flow into the penis, after removing the toxins (Ama), which are causing the obstruction to healthy blood flow into penis at the time of intercourse.


Here is more information about how Ayurveda could offer effective treatments to men who desire to have a longer penis in order to improve sexual pleasure.


Ayurveda and Traditional Ayurvedic herbs for increasing Penis Size Naturally


Ayurvedic herbs for managing men’s sexual problems are chosen based on the processes involved in intercourse. An erection is achieved when the blood flows into the penis is increased. This usually occurs as the result of the dilation of the blood vessels following mental stimulation and arousal.


When a man is adequately aroused, the nerves send signals to the blood vessels in the penile region resulting in their dilation. As a result, there is a surge of blood into the penis making it harder. The increased flow of blood into the penis also increases the penile volume making it longer and wider. It is this effect of sexual arousal that plays a role in improving the intensity of orgasm. This all is controlled by healthy vata dosha. 


This is why; Ayurveda diet and herbs recommended by the physician at the Ayurveda clinic in, Melbourne, are aimed at supporting the correction the blood flow to the penis (supporting the vata dosdha). The Ayurveda diet may comprise of spices and herbs that may possess the natural medicinal potential to enhance blood circulation in all organs. The dietary recommendations may also include avoiding salt, deep fry and other foods that can cause mal-absorptions of fatty tissue and cholesterol. By making appropriate changes in the diet, men could be able to avoid factors that interfere with the physiological processes in intercourse and thus, get better erections even up-to old age.


However, this is not all. An erection, once achieved, can be maintained only when the outflow of blood from the penis is reduced. This is generally achieved through the constriction of the veins in the penis. As a result, the blood entering the penis from the arteries is trapped into the organ thus keeping it longer and harder. Improper functioning of the veins can prevent a man from holding the erection resulting in premature ejaculation.


Hence, the ability of the veins to contract is equally important as the ability of the arteries to dilate. Using natural herbal remedies, respectively, can enhance this simultaneous action of the nerves on the arteries and veins causing their dilation and contraction.


There may also be an underlying abnormality that prevents these physiological processes due to the lack of adequate mental arousal and nerve stimulation. This occurs when the man experiences immense mental stress and anxiety. Poor mental health can prevent adequate sexual arousal due to which the stimulation of the blood vessel through nerves does not occur causing failure to get an erection.


Hence, your Ayurveda consultant may also recommend herbs and other therapies to reduce stress and improve mental health. The Ayurveda physician may also advise stress-relieving techniques such as shirodhara, head massage, yoga and meditation to improve results.


Natural Herbal Male Enhancement Remedy


It is common for men to seek male enhancement pills that work fast. The lack of ability to get harder erections can affect their confidence and self-esteem. This can have an adverse impact on their mental health by worsening their stress and anxiety. Hence, they prefer to use pills that can provide faster results to improve their penis size and erections.



The herbal remedies recommended by the system of Ayurveda, Indian traditional Medicine, may work by managing the cause of the problems. Once the root causes are well understood and managed with the help of Ayurvedic principles, these herbs  may work fast and may produce the desired effect. This may allow men to avoid erectile difficulties in a safe and effective manner.


Male Sex Enhancement Herbal Supplements In Ayurveda 


Ayurveda recommends the use of male enhancement supplements that contain one or a combination of herbs, based of which doshas (out of vata, pitta and kapha) is imbalanced and is hindering the flow the blood into the penile organ.


Ayurvedic herbs may possess varied medicinal potential aimed at reducing mental stress, improving cardiac functions, regulating blood supply and boosting nerve functions. These all are achieved with the proper lifestyle and food modification, and introduction of some specific herbs, ayurveda therapies or detoxes.


Ayurveda Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement


One of the most famous ayurvedic encyclopaedias on sexual heath called “kamasutra” has mentioned many home remedies to have longer and healthier sex life. There are several effective home remedies for a bigger dick that men can use to improve their orgasms and sexual satisfaction. Ayurvedic medicine recommends including kitchen herbs and spices in your regular diet in the forms of teas or seasoning to promote the normal physiological processes involved in getting and maintaining an erection. Even to suggest home remedies, an detail ayurvedic assessment is required to know many factors like, current digestion, stress, emotional tolerances e.g. for someone coriander can lead to loss of libido or erectile dysfunction and for others can help with premature ejaculation.


Natural Ayurvedic Herbs For Male Enhancement In Melbourne, Australia


Here is a list of some of the commonly used natural herbs for male enhancement that have been used traditionally in Ayurveda along with healthy diet and lifestyle for improving penile size and erectile health.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Research studies have shown that the rejuvenating and regenerative properties of Ashwagandha together with its rich nutritional content can help restore penile health and can help men get harder erections. [1]


Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa): The use of Vidarikand can be recommended to improve mental health and reduce stress in order to ensure adequate sexual arousal needed for getting and maintaining an erection. It may also increase the muscle strength of the penis and increases its thickness. People with overweight, should avoid this.


Kaunch beej (Mucuna pruriens): Kaunch beej may possesses natural vasodilatory properties that could enhance blood flow into the penis making it harder and longer during intercourse. 


Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus): Shatavari may help boost men’s sexual desire by producing a testosterone-like effect. It can also help men avoid the effects of aging on their sexual functions by minimising degenerative changes in the penis. [2]


Shilajit: Shilajit offers a rich source of minerals that maintain hormonal balance and support the process of getting an erection. It may help enhance blood flow into the penis and increase the length and duration of erections. It can also help in conditions like pre mature ejaculation. Consult your Ayurveda doctor to find out if your body type is suitable for this.


Akarkara (Anacyclus Pyrethrum): Akarkara can be recommended for men who suffer from erectile problems due to neurological problems. It helps to enhance nerve functions and support stimulation of the tissues in the penis thus increasing erectile abilities of men. Also can works in male and female to lift low libido, especially after the age of 45yrs.


Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum ): Safed Musli can boost men’s libido and improve their sexual performance by promoting the blood flow into the penis. Its can be one of the Ayurveda herb to increase the sperm counts and treat infertility as well.[3]


Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Treatment For Long Penis


Ayurvedic medicine for long penis and sexual problems in men may includes the use of herbs, regular meditation, and yoga. When coupled with detoxification therapies like panchakarma and a balanced ayurvedic diet, it can help manage all the underlying causes of sexual problems and allow men to enjoy longer and harder erections.


Consult  Gurnam Saini in Melbourne, Australia, in person or online, to discuss if you are seeking for any kind of help to address your sexual health. Gurnam Saini consults from Northcote and Wantrina South locations in Melboune.



If you wish to consult Ayurveda, you may choose to contact one of our Ayurveda Practitioners Gurnam Saini or Pooja Saini in Melbourne. Both of our Practitioners are Qualified Ayurveda Doctors from India. You may contact us at "Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic".  People who can't reach us personally, may choose for online Ayurveda consultation. 




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Author Bio:

Gurnam Saini has over 15 years’ experience in Ayurvedic naturopathy treatments in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed his bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He has done MD in Alternative Medicine and certificate courses in Panchakarma Detox, Pulse diagnosis and skin care. He is also a member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA). He has won awards for ground-breaking work in Ayurveda globally. Read More


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    Gurvinder Kaur

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    Tara Johnson

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    Vishnu Datt Sharma- C.E.O

  • I strongly recommend Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic to anyone who is looking into natural and organic health benefits. I consulted Ayurvedic Doctor Dr Gurnam Saini for hair loss treatment, as I had almost tried everything from expensive hair products to medicine for years and was highly disappointed. Dr Saini was very detailed and made me understand how lot of factors including my digestive fire, my sleep, my lifestyle etc. were directly impacting my hair health. I was highly impressed with his knowledge and his passion about getting me to understand the root cause. I clearly figured out how I was not in sync with my body. I am actually surprised that these organic ayurvedic medicines are very effective, as that was not my immediate expectation and I thought it will be a very lengthy process, but I was ready to give it a go! He also gave a me a specific ayurvedic organic hair oil to put on my scalp. It's been 3 months and I have almost completely stopped loosing hair and gaining more volume in my hair. I also found that taking shirodhara and nasya and head massage ayurvedic therapies of Dr Saini's recommendation was also important part of the treatment. I now feel more connected to my body and definitely my hair growth is visible to me and my family. Thank you Dr Gurnam Saini and Dr Pooja Saini (for those amazing therapies). You guys are working for a great cause.

    mikayla weaver

  • I have been under Dr Sainis treatment for backpain over 2 months.He is an empathetic sensitive and responsible Dr who gave careful directives and absolutely effective treatment to me as a patient.I could speak to him my issues confidently enough and he takes it for face value.I am completely fine now.I thought of my fears of my future and my job which was my sole income.I would love to say that I praise God and highly recommend Dr Saini as an effective practitioner for me and in Ayurveda.Thank you Dr Saini for everything that you have done to help me.

    Manju Jose

  • I was suffering from ibs from a long time urgency to go to toilet and mucus in stool . Even I ordered medicine from India but it wasn’t work and proper guidelines there, they just there for sale the medicine only . Dr shani only one months medicine improved 80% of my gut problem . If anyone suffering from symptoms like ibs or gut issue I will definitely recommend to visit dr shani clinic .

    Tara prasad Bhattarai

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    jyoti gupta

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    Uma Kaur

  • I have had a fantastic experience with Dr Saini at Pure Herbal clinic. The herbs I have taken as well as some dietary/lifestyle changes have brought me back into balance - my sleep has improved, my mental state has also improved I have more energy and am managing stress better. I would recommend going here for sure. Thanks Dr Saini! Kat

    S G

  • Thank you Dr Saini for the remarkable improvement in my health since first seeing you only 3 months ago. With herbal supplements, herbal teas and a single panchakarma treatment I have already experienced the following benefits that western medicine had not been able to assist: * Lower blood pressure permitting a reduction in medication. * Reduced anxiety. * No dizziness or fainting following sudden exercise such as climbing stairs. * Eye floaters gone. * Persistent (2 year) cough almost gone. * Frequent reflux gone. With continued treatment and lifestyle changes I am looking forward to: * normal blood pressure without medication, * weight loss without strict diets, * cough gone!

    Ray Dempsey