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Bilwa Tailam Oil for Ear Disorders

Posted On : 09 March, 2021

"   Bilwa or Bilva Tailam Oil for Tinnitus   Bilwa tailam oil is traditionally used in Ayurveda for the Ear disorders. It has been very beneficial for the treatment of ear disorde... read the rest»

Shadbindu Tailam oil for Hairfall Ayurvedic Nasya Nasal inhalation oil

Posted On : 09 March, 2021

"   Shad Bindu Tailam Nasya Nasal Inhalaiton Therapy Oil   Shad means six Bindu means drops   So this oil literally means six drops of oil in each nostril.  ... read the rest»

Marmas for Back and Leg Pain: Kshipra Marma, Indrabasti Marma and Gulpha Marma

Posted On : 31 August, 2020

"     What are Marmas?   Marma therapy originated in Ayurveda around 5000 years ago. There are 107 marma points described in Ayurveda texts. Marma points are considered as the... read the rest»

Marma Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain: Ansa Marma, Kurpapra Marma and Kshipra Marma

Posted On : 31 August, 2020

"   Marma Point Stimulation for Neck and Shoulder Pain   Marma Therapy has been recognised in Ayurveda for over 5000. There is a reference of 107 marma points mentioned by Ayurveda... read the rest»

Pregnancy Care Ayurveda Melbourne

Posted On : 19 August, 2020

"   Pregnancy Care Ayurveda- Melbourne     Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. It completely transforms the person physically, mentally and e... read the rest»

Morning Sickness Natural Treatment Ayurveda

Posted On : 14 August, 2020

"     Morning Sickness Natural Treatment Ayurveda     The hormone progesterone is high toe sure pregnancy stabilisation in uterus. It leads to slow peristalt... read the rest»

Prasarini Thailam Oil - Sciatica Ayurvedic Medicine

Posted On : 08 August, 2020

" Prasarini Thailam Oil:  Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Medicine for Sciatica Melbourne   Prasarini oil is popularly used vata and kapha disorders, especially where there is pain and swelling inv... read the rest»

Is Ayurveda Scientifically proven?

Posted On : 27 May, 2020

" What are the scientific proof of Ayurveda?   World Health Organisation suggests that more than 70% people around the world prefer to take one of the other forms of natural medicine f... read the rest»

Is Ayurveda effective?

Posted On : 13 May, 2020

"   Is Ayurvedic Medicine Treatment Effective?   Ayurveda’s effectiveness has been time tested for more than 5000 years, as it is considered as one of the oldest system of... read the rest»

Is Ayurveda vegan?

Posted On : 13 May, 2020

"   Is Ayurvedic Diet Vegetarian and Vegan     Dietary choices are a personal preference. These might be influenced by your religious, cultural or moral values.   ... read the rest»

Ayurvedic Medicine Side Effects

Posted On : 12 May, 2020

" Does Ayurvedic Medicine has Side Effects? If you have heard about Ayurveda, a traditional medicine science from India, you may have heard some famous quotes that usually go with it, for instanc... read the rest»

Is Ayurvedic Medicine Safe

Posted On : 12 May, 2020

" How safe is Ayurvedic medicine?  The question “Is Ayurvedic medicine Safe”, would be one of the most important question arising in a person’s mind, when trialing Ayurveda... read the rest»

Is Ayurveda Recognised in Australia

Posted On : 12 May, 2020

" Recognisation of Ayurveda In Melbourne    If you are into natural medicine, you may want to explore Ayurveda, but, you may have a question, like “Is Ayurveda Recognised in Austra... read the rest»

Sciatica Treatment Through Ayurveda

Posted On : 17 December, 2018

" Back pain is common amongst people of all age groups. Sciatica is one such state that makes the person suffering from it unable to accomplish his simple routine jobs. Sciatica is an unnerving pai... read the rest»

Ayurvedic Diet: Five Best Ayurvedic Recipes to Lose Weight

Posted On : 20 November, 2018

" In this age of digitalization and availability of everything at the end of fingertips, sedentary lifestyle has become a norm and the most common reason for adding up of kilos to one’s body ... read the rest»

Showing : of 189 Records
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