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Get a Free gift (worth of 50 dollars with initial consultation) of 2 e-books with more than 400 vegetarian recipes, many Yoga postures and alternative therapies (colour and aroma therapy, and breathing and visualization techniques) according to your DOSHAs that will help you to maintain a balanced sense of being in all regards.


Each recipe has symbols to indicate how it affects your Dosha. They also include variations for different Doshas. Most recipes use whole grains and fresh foods rather than processed foods, which are considered toxic, or tamasic, in Ayurveda.


Ayurveda considers food an integral part of its healing system; it originated some of the oldest and most time-tested principles of nutrition. Indian women cooking in their homes know a lot about Ayurveda and regularly use its principles in their meal preparation both to maintain health and to cure a variety of illnesses, from the common cold to more serious ailments, with appropriate foods that balance the Doshas.


Currently, these ancient remedies are now being proven scientifically and practiced around the world, most notably by Dr Deepak Chopra, the medical doctor and well-known scholar of Ayurveda.

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