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How to Get Healthy Skin with Ayurvedic Skin Care

Author : Dr. Gurnam Saini  

Posted On : 10 December, 2014



Ayurveda has many time-tested natural and safe tricks to help keep skin clear, soft, beautiful, and radiant, without loading your system up with costly chemicals that may only worsen your problems.




Like in any other health condition, skin problems also have much to do with the skin type you have. Based on the 3 doshas, you may have a vata, pitta, or kapha skin type.




Tips for Vata Skin 



Vata skin is thin, fine pored, dry, cool, and delicate to the touch. When your dosha is out of balance, vata skin can become excessively rough, dry, or flaky. Vata skin is more prone to skin fungus and dry eczema and tends to wrinkle more with age.




The key to having healthy, beautiful vata skin is helping the skin retain as much moisture as it can. Special creams and cleansers designed specifically for dry skin can help remedy the problem, but you may also keep your skin moisturised from within by drinking enough water and eating plenty of fruits alongside warm, nourishing foods.




Tips for Pitta Skin 




Pitta skin is fairer and rosier in colour. It has medium thickness and is soft and warm to the touch. When out of balance, pitta skin is prone to rashes, acne breakouts, and rosacea or liver spots.




The key to maintaining healthy pitta skin is calming its sensitivity. Stay away from excessive heat and direct sunlight and other skin damaging activities like steam facials and artificial tanning. Using natural plant essences and herbs that naturally and deeply moisturises the skin is a good way to maintain a glowing pitta-type skin.




Tips for Kapha Skin 




Kapha skin is thicker, softer, cooler to the touch, smoother, but oilier than the other two types. People with kapha skin are not prone to forming wrinkles until they reach very advanced ages. When out of balance, kapha skin suffers excessive oiliness, blackheads, enlarged pores, pimples, water retention, and eczema.




The key to maintaining healthy Kapha skin is proper, frequent, deep cleansing, which loosens impurities and lubricates the skin. To use herbs that help detoxify and prevent oil build up is also advisable.




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Author Bio:

Dr. Gurnam Saini has over 15 years’ experience in Ayurvedic naturopathy treatments in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed his bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He has done MD in Alternative Medicine and certificate courses in Panchakarma Detox, Pulse diagnosis and skin care. In Australia he pursued post graduate degree in mental health from La Trobe University, Melbourne (Australia). He has worked as associated Nurse Unit Management in Eastern Healths, Melbourne for 9 years. He is also a member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA). He has won awards for ground-breaking work in Ayurveda globally. Read More

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