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Bilwa Tailam Oil for Ear Disorders

Posted On : 09 March, 2021

"   Bilwa or Bilva Tailam Oil for Tinnitus   Bilwa tailam oil is traditionally used in Ayurveda for the Ear disorders. It has been very beneficial for the treatment of ear disorde... read the rest»

Shadbindu Tailam oil for Hairfall Ayurvedic Nasya Nasal inhalation oil

Posted On : 09 March, 2021

"   Shad Bindu Tailam Nasya Nasal Inhalaiton Therapy Oil   Shad means six Bindu means drops   So this oil literally means six drops of oil in each nostril.  ... read the rest»

Prasarini Thailam Oil - Sciatica Ayurvedic Medicine

Posted On : 08 August, 2020

" Prasarini Thailam Oil:  Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Medicine for Sciatica Melbourne   Prasarini oil is popularly used vata and kapha disorders, especially where there is pain and swelling inv... read the rest»

Facts About Herbs and Herbal Medicines

Posted On : 23 May, 2014

" Herbal medicines are considered as the oldest medicine used by humans and are still considered to be one of the most common natural medicine. Even most of the modern allopathic medicines are derived f... read the rest»

Considerations For Using Herbal Products

Posted On : 06 January, 2014

" Herbal Medicines and products have been in use since ancient times. They have proved their effectiveness in treating many ailments and relieving many patients.     Herbal Products ... read the rest»

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