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The Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic sources and imports a variety of approximately 100 Ayurvedic herbs from India. These herbs are grown organically mostly in the Himalayas without the use of pesticides or any unnecessary chemicals. Then, the herbs are harvested by local farmers, and taken to a Certified Ayurveda Pharmaceutical company to be processed, and then they are imported. 




Indian Herbs and Ayurvedic Treatments In Australia



According to Ayurveda, everyone is different, so each individual needs a special and unique blend of indian ayurvedic herbs to treat their specific ailment. This accords to the three main body types – pita, kapha and vata, and these can be combined in different ways to make up an individual’s unique type.



For example, the body types can be singular, double, or even all at once, e.g. vata - kapha type. Even the same condition in different people will need different treatments and herb combinations, due to each individual having a specific body type.



Knowing this body type is crucial to getting the right combination of herbs in your capsules. It allows the individual to know their body and their requirements, maintain optimal health, have a balanced diet and mind, and to know how an imbalance may occur. Knowing all of this helps us to treat conditions more accurately.



Consultation usually consists of three stages to initially find out the patient’s body type. It includes observation of how they look, touch to check pulse and functioning of organs, and a few questions about their physical health and the complaints about their ailment. 



Throughout the consultation, the practitioner observes the patient as a whole to see how everything is balanced/unbalanced. And then they will decide what the best method of treatment and herb combinations will be.



After a thorough consultation and analysis of body type and ailment, the customised ayurvedic combination of these herbs are put together in a herbal capsule, and can be taken alongside other ayurvedic treatments that are deemed to be effective for that individual.






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