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Know your Ayurvedic Body Type

Known your unique Ayurvedic Body type (Prakriti)


                               Ayurvedic body type



In Ayurveda, no two people are alike, or we can say that every person is born with a definite genetic constitution. The Prakriti, which may also be referred to as Dosha, is vital in determining our body type, behaviour patterns, needs, and our predispositions.


For the individual, basic knowledge of the Prakriti is a vital tool in helping one's  most auspicious lifestyle factors that will ensure wellness and longevity appropriate foods, herbs, exercise regimes, medicines, therapies, and even suitable professions. Knowing one's Prakriti holds the key to health, liberation, and ultimately, self-realization.


Just take a look at some of the basis, which helps to understand the importance of Prakriti in an individual:


 Understanding of human life with the help of Prakriti 


The following factors of a human life can be applied to understand the variations in different persons by the help of Prakriti; and on the basis of this, an individual is able to understand self-better and able to live according to self-nature, thus carving out a more appropriate life.


  • Life span of an individual
  • Social life
  • Measuring of an individual
  • To choose the perfect partner in marital affairs
  • To choose an appropriate profession / occupation


 Observation of Health status according Prakriti 


According to Ayurveda, Prakriti reveals everything about a particular individual. One can therefore assess the status of health, such as strength (physical and mental), appetite, adaptability, compactness of the body, etc. efficiently only after knowing unique ayurvedic body type.


Disease susceptibility and Prakriti


As stated earlier, each person in the universe has a unique combination of Doshas in their body, known as Prakriti. Due to faulty dietary habits or lifestyles or by not following a regimen according to one’s Prakriti, a person can be more prone to diseases that are caused by the very same Dosha of his Prakriti. So such a person should adhere to the suggestions and rulings regarding food and lifestyle according to own Prakriti to prevent the disease by empowering body defence mechanism.


Preventive and promotive health care according Prakriti   


A person is able to prevent various disorders from developing and is also able to promote his health by knowledge of the Prakriti. It helps in analysing and observing dietary habits, lifestyles, daily and seasonal regimens etc. Ayurveda also prescribes various foods and lifestyles according to one's Prakriti and suggests that one should follow these guidelines to prevent various disorders and to promote health.


Diagnosis of the diseases and Prakriti  


In Ayurveda, analysis of Prakriti is very important to diagnose the underlying disorders and to treat. By observing the Prakriti, diagnosis of a particular disease becomes simpler, as it not only provides an idea about the vitiated Dosha but also provides the treatment principles for that person.


Treatment is mainly dependant on or according to Prakriti 


Treatment is dependent on the acceptability of body to medications. Prakriti shows which types of herbs, diets, and lifestyles will help in the treatment of the person. With the help of Prakriti person can be assessed very well for his physical and mental strength, appetite, likes and dislikes and his adaptability to food and medicines, etc.


Thus, analysis or knowledge of Prakriti is essential for all persons to remain healthy and to achieve the goals of a human life.










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