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Good health is the most important part of our life. Health is a state of complete well being physically, mentally and socially. 


As per ayurveda, health is balance between body, mind and soul. For health, good quality food becomes our first requirement. If you are thinking about good natural and organic food, then why  do we not think for organic herbs? Yes, it is equally true for herbs that you should take care when you are purchasing herbal products whether they are organic products or not.  



Organic products are generally considered safer than products manufactured from non organic farm-cultivated herbs. Ayurvedic organic products are of two types :  


  • Ayurvedic products manufactured from natural occurring organic plants
  • Products manufactured from farm cultivated organic plants



Natural occurring organic herb



The Himalayan chain is a chain of mountains from which some are at highest peaks on the earth. This chain is a part of Indian subcontinent and Himachal Pradesh is state from where natural occurring organic herbs are collected. The area of Himalayas has natural surroundings and there are generally clear from impurity or pollution in that environment. Ayurvedic herbs collected from Himachal Pradesh and Himalayan Mountains are natural source of organic herbs. These may be more potent and efficacious than farm cultivated organic herbs. However, farm cultivated organic herbs  also can be beneficial and safer than herbs cultivated in polluted areas and farms in which chemical and pesticides are used.  



Herbs collected from environment in the chain of Himalaya or in valley of Himachal Pradesh generally show better results in perseverance of health and treating diseases. Our clinic mostly distributes these organic products, which are most likely safer and more effective than no organic products. 



Farm cultivated organic herbs



In this case, organic ayurvedic products are produced utilizing organic farming methods. Organic farming promotes soil enrichment and biodiversity. It helps to prevent effect of air, soil and water pollution on the herbs. Organic farming may primarily be optimizes the health of human being who consumes these organic products. 



Key points:

  • Organic ayurvedic products generally do not contain harmful chemical substances so they become more potent and effective.
  • They are natural products and nature friendly so generally do not cause any harm inside the human body.


Our purpose is to serve the people with the quality of organic ayurvedic products and promote health through Ayurveda or science of healthy living. Our organic ayurvedic products are sourced from manufacturers reputed in their areas of organic herb’s collection and organic cultivation. These organic ayurvedic products are generally approved with USDA, GMP, KOSHER and Organic Certification. When you purchase organic ayurvedic products, you should see USDA stamp on the products.   












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