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Lower Back Pain Ayurveda Treatment

Author : Gurnam Saini  

Lower Back Pain Natural Herbal Ayurveda Medicine Melbourne Australia

Chronic "Lower Back Pain" is a primary health concern all over the world today. Not only is it a menace to public health, but it is also a threat for the economic security of an individual. It affects the sufferer’s quality of life extensively and leads to increases in treatment expenses and other troubles.



Comprehensive reviews and epidemiological reports have pegged the prevalence of low backache to be between 12% and 33%. It is increasingly being seen in people aged in their 20s and 30s, especially because of the changing work environments and the economic development of society.



Lower Back Pain Natural Relief



In healthy individuals, the trunk muscles contribute to the stability of the spine. For the stability of the lumbar spine, co-activation of trunk flexor and extensor muscles are required. People suffering from low backache have generalized weakness and atrophy of the trunk muscles.



Due to the pain, the contraction pattern of the trunk muscles is changed and their activation is inhibited. This leads to the atrophy (Hardness) of these muscles. Patients with low backache also have delayed contraction of the trunk deep muscles.



Lower back pain restricts one’s activities, weakens secondary muscle strength, decreases the use of joints, and leads to a vicious cycle that cuts short one’s physical functions and productive work.




Causes of Lower Back Pain: Described by Our Specialist




The various causes of low backache include:



  • Structural causes – they arise due to lesions in the spine
  • Psychological causes – they arise due to stress
  • Biodynamic causes – they arise due to decline in the functions of the musculoskeletal system



According to Ayurveda, lower back pain occurs due to the reasons given below:



  • Being overweight
  • Improper exercise or lack of exercise
  • Compression of the spine or nerve roots by spinal tumors
  • Infection in the spinal cord or nerves
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Incorrect posture
  • Either overuse or underuse of the back muscles




Symptoms of Lower Back Pain




The condition of lower back pain is characterized by the following symptoms:



  • Chronic, persistent pain, ranging from dull ache to sharp, stabbing pain in lower back
  • Burning sensation in lower back
  • Stiffness
  • Loss of motility
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Pain shooting down buttocks, back of the thighs, legs, and feet



Lower Back Pain in Ayurveda



In Ayurveda, lower back pain is known as Katigrahama or Prishtasula. The word katigrahama is derived from the union of two words – kati and graham. “Kati” refers to the lower back area and “graham” refers to stiffness due to pain. Thus, “katigraha” suggests a diseased state of the back, which is associated with pain and stiff movements.



Vata dosha is considered to affect the pelvic area and the metabolism of the bones. Pitta dosha is considered to affect the navel and the metabolism of the blood, tendons, and heat. Kapha dosha controls the chest.



All forms of pain in the body are associated with vata dosha because it is responsible for any movement in the body. The impediment of vata causes pain. Vata moves through bodily channels such as the nerves or the blood and allows the other two doshas (pitta and kapha) to function.



Thus, when vata is stopped from moving freely in the body, the other two doshas also become involved in the resulting illness. This scenario is particularly true for conditions involving pain. Thus, in Ayurveda, pain is categorized considering all three doshas, with vata always being present.



Remedies for Lower Back Pain- Ayurvedic 



The Ayurvedic Specialist is required to identify the dosha that is causing the pain. Since vata dosha is involved in all types of low back pain, generally, ayurevdic medicated oils and ayurvedic therapies are used to treat the back pain.



For treatment of pitta or inflammation, the oil is mixed with cooling herbs. For treatment of kapha or congestion, the oil is mixed with heating herbs. For better understanding, take an appointment from Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic specialist.



Herbs for Lower Back Pain 



Ayurvedic specialist doctors in Australia have discovered the  unique herbs, when taken together gives the best result in lower back pain treatment.The ingredients of ayurvedic herbal formulation useful in low back pain are given underneath. These herbs are highly beneficial in relieving any kind of back pain. This unique formulation is available at "Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic", Melbourne.



Boswellia serrata


Boswellia serrata contains Boswellin and boswellic acid. These active alkaloids are responsible for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It is also a muscle relaxant. In low backache, it acts as painkillers and inflammatory agent, but it does not cause any side effects as modern painkillers do.


Guggul (Commiphora wightii)


It is a gum collected from the bark of Indian bdellium tree. Guggul contains guggulipids, which have anti-inflammatory, appetizer, analgesic, anti-flatulence effects. It is very useful herbal ingredient used in the formulation. It relieves the back pain and relaxes the muscles. It also reduces joint stiffness and swelling.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)


Ashwagandha contains active substances known as withanolides. These are very effective to provide strength to the back muscles, spine and ligaments. It is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic in action. It reduces pain, corrects the underlying cause of the backache.



Ayurvedic therapies and Panchkarma detox in Lower Back Pain 




Kati basti


Kati basti  is a special method used to bring relief to the lower back. It involves the use of warm medicated oils, herbal decoctions, or ghee to bathe the lower back for 20-50 minutes. A “dam” is made using moist flour, usually black gram flour, to isolate the lower back while the bathing process is going on.



The dough is usually placed in the form of a ring on the lumbar-sacral area of the spine because it is a major location of vata. The warmed oil mixture is poured or swabbed on the back within the ring. Once the oil has become cooler, it is removed using cotton gauze and the procedure is repeated many times.


Ayurvedic Back Massage


In ayurvedic back massage, special ayurvedic finger techniques are employed and special ayurvedic medicated oils are used. Ayurevdic back massage helps in relieving pain. Ayurvedic oils provide strength to the back muscles and spine. In addition to it, they also increase flexibility and mobility of the spine. They also work as anti-inflammatory and have analgesic effects.




Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines and Natural Remedies for Lower Back Pain 




All the below mention herbal medicine are best suited to heal any kind of lower back pain gently without exposing the body to any harmful chemicals.


  1. Dhanwantharam 101 capsule
  2. Ksheerabala 101 capsules
  3. Yogaraj guggulu
  4. Dasamoola kashayam
  5. Lakshadi guggulu
  6. Dashmularishtam
  7. Asthakvargam
  8. Aswagandharishtam
  9. Balarishtam
  10. Dasamoolarishtam
  11. Bala Thailam
  12. Sahacharadi Thailam
  13. Bala awagandhadhi Thailam
  14. Dhanwantharam Thailam
  15. Ksheerabala Thailam
  16. Narayana Thailam
  17. Mahamasha thailam
  18. Rasnadi kashayam
  19. Rasana erandadi kashayam
  20. Rasana saptakam kashayam
  21. Dhanwantharam Gulika
  22. Vayu gulika
  23. Sathavaryadi gritham
  24. Aswagandhadi lehyam
  25. Dasamoolahareethaki Lehyam




Yoga to relief Low Back Pain 




Ayurvedic practitioners recommend that people suffering from low backache should perform simple back bends such as the cat pose or marjariasana, the sunbird pose or chakravakasana, and the locust pose or shalabhasana. To keep the spine aligned, the patient is recommended to practice the hero pose or virasana. For certain people, the frog pose or mandukasana is useful.




Lifestyle Changes in Low Back Pain




People suffering from low back pain are recommended to bring about the following changes in their lifestyle and diet:



  • Follow an exercise program:   This can include any or all of the following elements – aerobics, strength training, endurance training, stretching, and flexing. By improving the strength and endurance of the back, the recurrence of pain can be reduced.
  • Improve your posture: Remember to stand and sit straight, and do not sit up in bed.  Due to poor posture and slouching, there is more pressure on the lower back.
  • Undertake “back-friendly” activities: Start walking, swimming, or biking regularly that are activities designed to strengthen your lower back.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking leads to degeneration of the spinal discs. Smokers may cause repeated back injuries during coughing fits.
  • Lose weight: This is applicable for overweight people. Extra weight puts more pressure on the spinal discs and muscles. In order to maintain a healthy weight, one must consume an equal number of calories as one burn during activity.
  • Stress management techniques: It is important to manage stress because it causes increased muscle tension. Practice relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. You can also attend stress management classes or undertake counseling.



Thus, the natural herbal treatment for lower back pain encompasses the body as well as the mind. It encourages the sufferer to relax the mind and focus on the areas of pain, while employing herbs and oils to treat the imbalance in all three humors.



Contact us if you are victim of back pain and want to overcome this problem naturally.





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