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Nasya Ayurvedic Therapy In Melbourne

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Nasya Ayurvedic Therapy In Melbourne
Nasya Ayurvedic Therapy In Melbourne


Nasya Ayurvedic Therapy Nasal Inhalation or Medical Herbal Smoke inhalation In Melbourne

Nasya Ayurvedic Medicine Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic Melbourne
Herbalised powders, oils, smoke and herbs are administered via the nostrils in order to purify the head and neck region by stimulating the secretion of mucus and thereby dissolving and loosenng mucus lodged in the nasal and sinus passages.
Nasya as mentioned in ayurveda texts is beneficial treatment to reduces jaw and neck stress and strain and balances, nourishes the brain and lungs, calms yet focuses the mind, and reduce mucous and congestion. Nasya aim to heal the illnesses related to throat, neck and head such as sinus congestion, ear problems, allergic rhinitis, migraines, common cold, sinusitis, and allergies. 


It helsp to regenerate the muscles, nerves and blood supply in this region and improves concentration and memory.
A vigorous head massage, herbalised stream inhalation with warm towels are applied to the head and face prior to this treatment.
It is often given before or after the main detox therapy and is usually administered in the morning (kapha time) as this is when kapha-related impurities (mucus) are naturally moved from the deeper tissues and organs to the stomach and sinuses.
what is Nasya Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic

Shirovirechan Nasya which causes elimination of toxins to be used in folliwing type of disorders:


•स्तम्भ: Stambha: Head Stiffness
•सुप्ति: Supti: Head Numbness
•गुरुत्वाद्याः Gurutav: Heaviness etc.
•श्लैष्मिका: Shleshmika: Diseaes caused by aggravated Kapha dosha

Tarpana Nasya which ofeers nourishment by oleation and lubrication is useful in following type of disorders:


•वातात्मका रोगाः: Vata roga: Vata dosha disorders
•शिरःकम्पार्दितादयः Sirah-kampa (trembling of head), Ardita (facial paralysis), etc., as these are caused by aggravated Vata.

Shamana Nasya which causes alleviation of dosas is useful in diseases like:


• रक्तपित्तादिरोगेषु: Rakta-pitta (an ailment characterised by bleeding from different parts of the body like epistaxis) and similar conditions.

Other two types of Nasya include Adhmāpana Nasya (insufflation or sniffing) and Dhūma-pāna (inhalation of smoke). These should be used in appropriate conditions after Ayurveda physician’s assessment and advice and  after appropriate examination of dosas, etc., involved in the causation of the disease.


Reference: Charaka Samhita Siddhi Sthana Chapter 9, Versus 93 – 96

Benefits of Nasal Medication:
  • Enhances oxygenation to the brain and eliminates impurities from the head and chest area.
  • Helps to move the toxins from the nose, sinuses, ears and eyes
  • Offers natural cleanse of the channels  in the head and improves the functioning of the senses
  • Supports brain function and heightens sensory perception
  • Helps to reduce stiffness in head, neck and shoulders
  • Good for dry nasal passages, sinus congestion, cold, sinusitis, allergies, headaches, migraine, epilepsy, mental retardation, dry, itchy or watery eyes, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, hearing loss, tinnitus, loss of smell, depression and lack of enthusiasm. In short, this can be given for manjority of diseases of eye, nose, ear or throat under the supervision of an ayurvedic practitioner.

The treatment is best done over a series of 5 -10 sessions
Nasya Nasal drops for Nasal Polyps Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic



Nasya Inhalation therapy is of five types as follows:


(1) Navana: Inhalation of Ayurvedic medicine in the form of nasal drops.


This is of two types:

Snehana:drops for oleation

Shodhana: drops for elimination of toxins from the head


(2) Avapida: Insufflation or sniffing of Ayurvedic medicine in thin paste form through the nasal passage. This is of two types:


Shodhana: Sniffing of Ayuredic medicine for the elimination of toxins

Stambhana: ISniffing of Ayurvedic medicine for the stoppage of excessive secretions.


(3) Dhmāpana: Sniffing of Ayurvedic medicine in powder form through the nasal passage. It cleanses the channels of the body.


(4) Dhūma: Inhalation of Ayurvedic medicine in the form of smoke. It is of three types:


Shamana or prāyogika: smoke used for the alleviation of doșas.

Snaihika: Smoke used for oleation of different parts of the head.

Virecana: smoke used for the elimination of toxins from the head


(5) Prati-marsa: Application of medicated oil in the nostrils. It is generally the most safest type of nasya and it serves both the purposes (i.e. oleation and elimination of toxins from the head).



Reference: Charaka Samhita  Siddhi  Sthana Chapter 9 versus 89-92


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