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Anal Fissure & Fistula Ayurvedic Treatments

Author : Gurnam Saini  

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Fissure in ano is an oval, ulcer like, longitudinal split in rectal tunel. It usually follows with extreme rectal discomfort worsened by hard defecation with the passing of little blood.













Ayurveda and Anal Fissure


In Ayurvedic literary fissure in ano is not described as another illness. All scholars describe this problem under the title of Parikartika.


Parikartika is happen by imbalance of vata and pitta dosha. Vata causes painful like cutting feeling and pitta causes burning feeling along with swelling.


In the same way it is said that parikartika is types of injury that happens due to stress by hard faeces in rectal tunnel.


There are various kinds of ayurvedic herbal and natural remedies such as ushna avagaha sweda (hot sitz bath), jatyadi herbal oil, guggulu preparations, natural fibers like isabgol etc. to treat anal fissure. All these are discuss in details further down in this article.


Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal fissure, Fistula, Sinuses, Abscess


The main aim of ayurveda therapy is to ease the spasm of sphincter, cleaning and healing of fissure, relaxing of rectal tunnel, reduce the agony sensation.


Hot fomentation sitz bath, nutritional materials like isabgol (psyllium husk); different herbal ayurvedic oils and many guggulu ayurvedic medicine can help heal these fissures.


Natural Remedies of Perianal Fissure, Fistula, Sinuses, Abscess



Avgaha sweda (hot fomentation-sitz bath)


Sitting in the warm/hot water tub after each time of defecation reduces discomfort and calms spasm of inner sphincter for some time. It also helps in washing of fissure injure. Sitz shower is impressive in treatments for fissure. It is done for 10 to 15 minutes. Adding triphala powder in the water helps in minimising pain and enhances the healing capacity of anal colon.


High Fibers Diet


Isabgol (psyllium husk) are seeds obtain from Plantago ovate plant. These are hygroscopic, which allows them to increase and become mucilaginous. These materials are a complicated carbs, which holds with standard water in the digestive tract creating bigger, smoother faeces. Larger and smoother stool expand and rest the sphincter muscle tissue helping the blood to circulate and it also require little stress to successfully pass.


Psyllium fiber is commonly used as a fiber complement for treating intestinal problems like hard stool. Also different medical studies revealed regular use of psyllium husk significantly increases faeces moisture.


Jatyadi ghee/oil


Jatyadi oil is described in ayurvedic texts for external use to heal various wounds and has been mentioned to treat anal rectal wounds. This coconut based oil is processed with leaves of Jasminum officinale, leaves of Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa or turmeric, Berberis aristata, Glycirrhiza glabra or liquorice, Picrorhiza kurroa, bee wax and other vegetation. 


Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle also play an important role in preventing and treating anal fissure and fistula. 



If you wish to enquire more information on Anal Fissure or Fistula Ayurvedic Natural Treatment in Melbourne, you may contact us at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic.







Gurnam Saini

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Disclaimer: The information on ayurvedic products and medicines on our website is for educational purposes only. One should not buy these products over the counter. These should only be taken after ayurvedic consultation with an ayurvedic practitioner. The uses and indications of these herbal products are based on Traditional Ayurvedic text books. These herbs should be supplemented with appropriate diet and lifestyle to get beneficial effects. Although there is a lot of research done on Ayurveda these days, yet these herbal products might not hold enough current research based evidence.





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Author Bio:

Gurnam Saini has over 15 years’ experience in Ayurvedic naturopathy treatments in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed his bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He has done MD in Alternative Medicine and certificate courses in Panchakarma Detox, Pulse diagnosis and skin care. He is also a member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA). He has won awards for ground-breaking work in Ayurveda globally. Read More