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Natural Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Sperm Motility Count

Author : Gurnam Saini  

Oligospermia or Low Sperm Motility Natural AyurvedicTreatment

Oligospermia refers to the low sperm count. Oligospermia can be defined as less than twenty millions of spermatozoa in one ml of the ejaculate. It is one of the main causes of male infertility and sub-fertility.


Male infertility is the complete inability of a man to induce a pregnancy in the female partner after at least one year of an unprotected sexual activity.


Male sub-fertility refers to the reduced ability of a man to achieve the same. The oligospermia natural treatment with the help of alternative herbs can improve the sperm count and boost the male fertility.





Causes of Oligospermia or Low Sperm Count


Oligospermia can occur due to a combination of factors. The common causes of this condition include an obstruction to the flow of sperms due to the disorders like vasectomy, and testicular trauma. It may also result from the scarring on the male reproductive system due to surgery or an infection.


The decrease in production of sperms is another cause of oligospermia, which may occur due to varicocele, hormonal imbalances, and obesity. These factors can also reduce the motility of the sperms thus decreasing the chances of pregnancy further.


Men who are worried about how to increase the sperm motility and count can use the ayurvedic herbal remedies recommended by Ayurveda along with the specialized therapies such as Rasayana (rejuvenating), Vajikaran (vitality enhancing) and panchakarma detox to treat this problem in an effective manner.


Some other causes of oligospermia include:


  • Stress

  • Smoking

  • Exposure to the toxins

  • Side effects of medications

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Being underweight

  • Diabetes

  • Lack of proper nutrition


The use of men's fertility supplements prepared from the combination of herbs can help to manage this condition effectively and enhance the chances of conception.


Sign and Symptoms of Oligospermia


The primary symptom of oligospermia is infertility or subfertility. Men may also experience a few other symptoms depending on the cause of the low sperm count. In the case of infections such as the sexually transmitted diseases, they may develop testicular pain, burning during urination and passing of thick discharge during urination.


Men with a varicocele may have signs such as dilated veins in the scrotal region and swelling of the scrotum. Men suffering from oligospermia can seek an ayurvedic treatment to increase sperm motility naturally.


Low Sperm Motility Treatment


Ayurveda offers a natural low sperm motility treatment for the men suffering from oligospermia. The allopathic treatment of oligospermia varies depending on its cause, the severity of oligospermia, and the presence of complications. There are a few allopathic medications that may be used to improve the sperm count. However, the results with these medications often vary and even fail to increase the sperm count to the level at which a pregnancy can happen.


The most common cause of the failure of these medications is they try to improve the sperm count only by increasing the production of some hormones. These medications do not help to boost the overall health and nutritional status of the male vitality. Also, these drugs are known to cause some serious side effects.


Hence, patients are advised to take alternative ayurvedic treatments, which aim at treating this problem in a holistic manner. The ayurvedic herbs help to tackle to root cause of oligospermia and also enhance the general health of the male by providing the necessary nutrition. The male fertility supplements increase or decrease the weight, as required, and produce medical actions that help to prevent infections and oxidative damage in the male reproductive system.


Herbal Medicine For Sperm Motility


The men suffering from infertility due to oligospermia can use the herbal medicine for sperm motility and sperm count given below.


  • Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum): Safed Musli can be used for the oligospermia treatment in Ayurveda. It helps to increase the sperm count by producing a rejuvenating effect on the male reproductive system. It also increases the secretion of a male hormone called testosterone, which is responsible for the production of sperms. 
  • Shilajit (Mineral Pitch, Asphaltum): Shilajit can be used to increase sperm motility naturally. It can also help to improve the sperm count thus boosting the chances of a successful conception in the female partner.
  • Kaunch Beej (Mucuna pruriens): Kounch Beej is one of the most effective natural remedies for sperm motility. It works by challenging the causes of oligospermia such as mental stress, and hormonal imbalance. It is useful for the men who suffer from a low sperm count due to an unhealthy lifestyle. It rejuvenates the cells and tissues and boosts the overall health of the men thus improving their fertility.   
  • Javitri (Mace): The use of this Indian medicine can help to increase the sperm count. It also increases the strength and stamina in men. It has aphrodisiac properties. It can be used when the oligospermia has occurred due to the infective conditions or diabetes. 
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Ashwagandha can be used for the herbal treatment for azoospermia, a condition in which the semen contains no sperms. Ashwagandha works by increasing the production of testosterone and producing a regenerative effect.

Cure For Male Infertility


The complete cure for male infertility can be achieved by taking a treatment based on the concepts of Ayurveda. The ayurvedic herbs possess strong medicinal powers that enhance the male fertility by increasing the sperm count and sperm motility. Ayurveda also recommends therapies such as Rasayana, Vajikaran and Panchakarma to bring about an overall improvement in the men’s health.


The Vajikaran therapy is recommended for the men between 20 and 70 years of age. It helps to maintain an optimum sexual activity and increases the number of healthy sperms. It involves the use of herbal preparations having strong aphrodisiac properties. It increases the quantity of semen, sperm count and the sperm motility.


Panchakarma therapy helps in detoxifying the body. It removes the toxins and cleanses the blood. This can help in improving the sperm count by stimulating the regeneration of the healthy cells.


The Rasayana therapy is aimed at nourishing the rasa or liquid tissues in the body, which, in this case, is the semen. It ensures a production of the semen that is high in quality as well as quantity. This means it increases the sperm amount and sperm motility thereby increasing the male fertility.


Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Sperm Motility and Oligospermia


The ayurvedic treatment for low sperm motility can help men to achieve a better fertility. The doctors at our Melbourne natural medicine clinic offer a treatment plan that includes the use of herbal medications along with the Rasayana, Vajikaran and Panchakarma therapies to help increase the sperm count. 


The doctors also advise the patients to follow an ayurvedic diet by excluding the foods, which can make them lethargic and include foods, which can improve their energy levels.


The men suffering from oligospermia can expect a holistic treatment at our best ayurvedic clinic in Melbourne, which increases their ability to impregnate the female partner while also improving their overall fitness and energy levels. The ayurvedic doctor in Melbourne also helps to treat the accompanying disorders such as a low libido and sexual dysfunctions.


The treatment at our wellness centre can help provide long-term results and allow men to enjoy a heathier and longer life. The men suffering from this condition are advised to seek treatment with ayurvedic medicine in Australia for faster and better results.





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