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Pooja Saini - Ayurvedic Practitioner

Pooja Saini: The Ayurveda Doctor Who Is Helping People Achieve Optimal Health


Ayurvedic specialist doctor by Pure Herbal Ayurved



Pooja Saini is a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of Ayurveda. She completed her Ayurveda Doctor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from the University of Health Sciences in India. BAMS is a 6-year full-time campus course, which includes one year of internship training. Since graduating in 2005, Pooja Saini practiced in India in a reputed medical centre for two years and then moved to Australia in 2007.



Pooja Saini (Ayurveda Doctor Qualification from India)
BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India)
Master of Nursing Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health from
Melbourne a Primary Interest in Mental Health and Female
Fertility Certificate in Ayurvedic Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis
Certificate in Ayurvedic Female Fertility Certificate in Ayurvedic
Skin and Beauty Independent Blog Writer on Women's Health for Her Website www.womenbuddha.com.au
Member of Aaa (Australasian Association of Ayurveda)
Certificate Iv in Training and Assessment Tae40116
Approved Training Provider by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies


Pooja has more than ten years of experience delivering consultation and treatment in Ayurveda. She has her primary interest in treating mental health disorders, women's disorders, skin diseases, digestive system problems, lifestyle problems, chronic disease, joint problems, and children's health.


Pooja is always passionate about studying to continuously grow her skills and knowledge. After arriving in Australia in 2007, she studied Bachelor of Nursing at Victoria University in Melbourne. She is a highly academic person and loves books. Despite being a young mother of two, she has shown serious dedication and commitment toward increasing her knowledge.


Pooja Saini completed her Master's in Nurse Practitioner from Latrobe University, Melbourne, in 2014. She worked as a Nurse Practitioner specialist in Mental Health for a number of years in Metropolitan Victoria's busy Public Hospitals as well as established her private practice and worked as a nurse Practitioner until 2019. She has a vast knowledge of brain chemistry and understands how Ayurveda is compared to modern medicine.


Pooja examines patients using Ayurvedic Body Constitution Analysis and Pulse Diagnosis to provide the most effective treatment method. Treatment plans may involve therapeutic counseling, including lifestyle modification and diet, dispensing of medicinal herbs, yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic detoxification using classic Ayurvedic and Naturopath therapies.


Pooja Saini also enjoys writing blogs for the well-being of women and families. She has developed a women and family-oriented website called Women Buddha. www.womenbuddha.com.au. On this website, she explores the ancient wisdom for women's health promotion and provides step-by-step guides to achieve major health goals and tips for healthier living. Her blogs are valuable online resources for women's wellness and provide important tips for a healthier life and hair care, skin care, wellness, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause, including DIY beauty products. In her blogs,, she mentions the cost-effective strategies for using herbs and spices from the kitchen to achieve optimal health benefits.  


Pooja Saini also enjoys teaching and training. She has completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is an accredited Ayurvedic training provider. Pooja Saini has delivered many Ayurvedic training courses and supported the novice and experts to promote and spread Ayurveda worldwide.



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  • 3+ years ago just before covid hit, I had sudden intolerance to a string of food predominantly gluten, cow's milk, egg and night shade vegetables. Energy was low and brain was foggy. I consulted and tried other treatments but minimal improvement. I was recommended to Drs Saini and Pooja by a friend who came out of her issues after ayurvedic treatments. Without hesitation, i consulted and started my ayurvedic journey 2+ years ago. It was the best decision I made. During those time, I had 2 sessions of panchakarma treatments. 2+ years later, I can now confidently say that I am able to incorporate gluten and cows milk products into my diet without any issue. My energy is back to normal and the other bonus for me is that unnecessary food cravings have diminished. I am very grateful and appreciated Drs Saini & Pooja's dedication and patient throughout my ayurvedic journey...

    Jessy T

  • Highly recommend seeing Pooja for various womens health issues. Pooja offers long term alternative approaches to self managing one's health with the holistic ayurvedic system. Her manner and concern is sincere and she is very conscious of leaving you with the tools you need to take care of yourself beyond her consultations.

    Nikhila Madabhushi

  • I am writing this review so that everyone gets to know about the most capable Ayurvedic doctor of Melbourne, Dr. Saini and could reach out to him for almost any condition they might be suffering from. I was suffering from Migraine headache almost everyday but after taking the medicines prescribed by Dr. Saini, my headache almost vanished. These Ayurvedic medicines helped me in controlling my stress magnificently. I hope my review could help others who are suffering from anxiety and stress or any other chronic disorder. Please try the Ayurvedic(herbal) medicines for once as they don't have any side effects. They also have the facility of Ayurvedic massage which can definitely help the hard-working professionals out there. I hope everyone could get this miraculous treatment of Ayurveda.

    Yatin Pandey

  • Dr saini, explains very well..has really helped me overcome all health problems I had been facing. Will definitely recommend and safest solution to any health issues..thank you once again for your time and effort.

    Nakhat Shabbir

  • I have been struggling with IBS-C related gut issues for over 10 years, have been eating low fodmap for many years with no resolutions to my gut function. Recently I’ve been seeing Gurnam Saini (Ayurvedic Doctor) and in only one month of treatment with natural therapies I’ve seen outstanding results. Previously I was unable to digest foods properly/unable to have regular or efficient bowel movements (feeling very unwell due to this), back pain related to abdominal pain, having trouble sleeping and low energy. I’m currently one month into treatment and I never thought I’d be able to restore regular gut function, but I’m properly digesting foods, my sleep is phenomenal and I have a surge in energy, most importantly my mind feels clear and focused with no brain fog and I feel like myself again after years living with the stress of IBS. I’m going to start re-introducing foods in 6 months and have great faith in the knowledge and professionalism shown by Gurnam Saini and the team at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic.

    Tara Johnson

  • Hi everyone, here am sharing my experience with Dr Saini, i have been suffering with stiffness and pain in joints and muscles for years. I had taken so many treatments but nothing work for me. Recently I’ve been seeing Dr.Saini and in only one month of treatment my pain and stiffness gone. He has done fantastic job. I strongly recommend Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic👍🏻

    preet kaur

  • I was suffering from headaches for the past 5-6 years which lasted more than a day. Sometimes it was so severe that I had nausea and vomiting. Tried a lot of medications but they did not help. Then I thought of trying Ayurveda as my last remedy. 2 months with Gurnam Saini and I have no headaches. My sleep has also improved. I’m still continuing to improve my overall health as the medicine seems to work for me. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to improve their overall health and well being.

    madhu !

  • My experience with herbal Ayurveda was positive. I found a tremendous amount of healing with this therapy after suffering from bronchitis and arthritic pain for years. The herbal massage was the best thing I ever did. I stopped my medication, the bronchitis healed and my arthritis improved remarkably. I highly recommend it and I look forward to more treatments.

    Dora Tsividis

  • I saw Dr Saini in July 2019 for “acid reflux” after suffering of months. I tried different medicines but didn’t work. There was a time I started believing that there was no permanent cure to this disease. Dr Saini is an authentic Ayurvedic doctor. He can do miracles for you. I honestly believe he’s a blessing for the city of Melbourne otherwise it would have been very hard to physically see an Ayurvedic doctor like him. My heart burn got worst with the time & became just unbearable. I couldn’t eat anything or sleep at all. Finally, I found him via google and peoples reviews convinced me to give him a call. He’s an angel & listens everything. He gave me a three month’s plan which I completed happily. But unbelievably my acid reflux reduced 80% within three days & completely gone in five days & it never came back since then. I’m so happy & enjoying my life like I used to. God bless Dr Saini & God bless those who wrote reviews which convinced me to give him a call first time.

    Talented Skull

  • I was suffering from ibs from a long time urgency to go to toilet and mucus in stool . Even I ordered medicine from India but it wasn’t work and proper guidelines there, they just there for sale the medicine only . Dr shani only one months medicine improved 80% of my gut problem . If anyone suffering from symptoms like ibs or gut issue I will definitely recommend to visit dr shani clinic .

    Tara prasad Bhattarai

  • I would highly recommend this place. I suffered from bad sinutisis and hayfever since last 4 years . Doctor recommend me to do operation for sinutisis but thanks to Dr saini that I got overcome from this sinutisis without operation.i would highly recommend people who suffering like me please refer to DR Saini instead of going for other medications .

    dipti trivedi

  • Dr Saini has been so supportive in working with me to refine my mind, body and spirit to once again be able to consume gluten. Once I was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, I thought I would never eat gluten again. But by embracing the ways of Ayurveda, I am now eating gluten on a daily basis that is pain free and discomfort free. Joseph Ferguson

    Joseph Ferguson