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Price : AUD 150.00

Shirodhara Melbourne
Shirodhara Melbourne

Shirodhara Third Eye Drip: Duration: 1 hour  Cost: $150


Shirodhara Treatment Massage In Melbourne


If you are looking for authentic Keraliya style Shirodhara treatment (third eye drip), near me in Melbourne, then Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is the place. We choose the right blends of Ayurvedic oils for your shirodhara treatment. We always encourage to get a proper Ayurvedic consultation prior to starting any therapies, as it will help our Ayurvedic doctors to understand your ayurvedic body type, imbalances of your dosha, digestive, emotional etc conditions, so that unique oil for your shirodhara treatment at our ayurvedic clinic can be customised.


In the busy world we are living these days, stress is almost everywhere. The reasons may differ but the impact is always negative. If you too are passing through a phase where memory problems, difficulty in concentration, anxiety, pessimism, worries, poor judgment, etc. have become common in your routine life, you may want to consider ayurvedic consult. In this situation, Shirodhara Stress Treatment may be suggested as an ayurvedic therapy. This therapy is so readily used around the world for mental health issues that it is getting backed up by a lot of research in treating depression, anxeity and insomnia. 


What is Shirodhara?


Shirodhara is derived from two sanskrit words.

Shiro means Head

Dhara means stream or constant flow


Shirodhara is one of the head oleation therapies of Ancient Ayurvedic treatment procedures. There are four head oleation procedures mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts that have been used widely. Acharya Vagbhatt, one of the gurus of Ayurveda, mentioned four types of murdha tailam (head oleation) methods in his text Ashtang Hridayam, Sutra Sthan Chapter 22, versus 23


Shirodhara Massage Melbourne


As per this sholka, the four head massage procedure is as follows:


  • Shiro-abhayanga - Head massage
  • Shiro- Sek or Shiro-dhara - Pouring of oil on the head
  • Shiro-pichu - Oil swab on the head 
  • Shiro-basti - Retaining a large amount of oil on the head


Amongst all the four types of head therapies mentioned in Ayurveda, Shirodhara is the most famous and widely used therapy. It has amazing health benefits and is especially indicated for neurobehavioral and psychosomatic disorders. The aim of Shirodhara is to induce a relaxed state of awareness, which results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance. A complete feeling of overall well-being, mental clarity and awareness is experienced in this process.




What happens during Shirodhara treatment?


The client is asked to rest on a specially designed Ayurvedic bed called “Droni”. A medicated oil is slowly and steadily dripped on the forehead of the person. A special copper or brass pot called kumbha or patra with a hole in the bottom hangs from a tripod above the head of the client.  This kumbha is filled with special ayurvedic therapeutic oil. The oil is warmed in a double boiler to a soothing warm temperature. 


The Ayurvedic bed or Droni also has a significant role in shiordhara. Droni is made of special Ayurvedic medicinal wood that has antimicrobial properties. It has two compartments, the body and the head of the bed. The client's body rests in the main body compartment and the head and neck rest on the special head compartment. This helps the shirodhara oil to flow smoothly, without making the client's body wet.


The oil then drains through a hole in the droni and the therapist collects it in a container and warms it to a lukewarm temperature and reuses it for constant unobstructed flow for the duration of shirodhara. 


In this relaxing therapy where warm medicated oils are poured onto the middle of the forehead in a thin stream in an oscillating manner, inducing a mental state of deep relaxation and melting away the chattering of the mind. The peaceful chanting mantra or vedic music helps to keep the client focused in the state of meditation and away from all the stressors.


Shirodhara Stress Treatment is one of the most relaxing and healing ayurvedic therapy available. Shirodhara treatment calms the overactive mind, reduces stress and irritability and improves sleep patterns


Shirodhara gives even better results when taken after an Abhyanga massage. The oils or liquids used for this treatment are specifically chosen according to your dominant energy, and body constitution type.


What are various types of shirodhara?


Most people have heard of or experienced the Shirodhara with ayurvedic oils. You will be pleased to know that, based on the dosha imbalance and various health conditions, Ayurveda has suggested various types of shirodhara.


Sneha or Tail Dhara


In this procedure, the Ayurvedic practitioner uses different ayurvedic herbal oils as a medium. For example, Brahmi oil or sesame oil is used to control stress, depression and sleeplessness related to vata aggravation.


Ksheer  or dugdha Dhara


In this type of Shirodhara, cow’s milk is infused with ayurvedic herbs and used to treat various disorders as well as to relieve stress related to pitta aggravation. Milk is infused with herbs. Thus, it is also known as medicated milk.


Takra Dhara


Buttermilk infused with special ayurvedic herbs is poured on the forehead. This can be used in hypertension, hyperthyroidism and high pitta disorders.


Jal Dhara


This shirodhara is usually done with coconut water in specific health conditions.


Kwath Dhara


A herbal decoction is poured on the forehead. 


Is Shirodhara effective?


People who have used Shirodhara talk highly about its effectiveness, but at the same time, many researchers throughout the world are establishing research to understand how this simple therapy can be so effective in combating mental illnesses like paediatric attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Cerebellar ataxia, Psychological symptoms of Menopause, Premature ejaculation, generalised anxiety disorder and Insomnia. The following pictorial representation of a mode of action of shirodhara has been proven by modern scientists.


Is shirodhara Effective?




Shirodhara works on Ayurvedic principles of blanching doshas. Most of the neurological or mental and emotional health problems are related to vata aggravation. Vata has the qualities of air, which is highly mobile, cold and dry in nature, hence the warmth of the oil works against the cold, and oil works against the dry and relaxing process all together help to bring the grounding during this therapy that works against that racing and property of vata.


Shirodhara also works on the marma therapy. There are 107 marmas in our body. According to Ayurveda, marma is a vital energy point that ensures the smooth, unobstructed flow of prana, or the vital energy in the body. There are significantly important marma points on the forehead and head that are triggered during shirodhara.


Sthapani marma is the main marma where shirodhara works. It is called the third eye marma which is situated in the middle of the forehead, between two eyebrows. Some researchers believe that the “mid brain”, the most important part of the brain that is responsible for hormonal balance in the whole body, is situated exactly the line of the sthapani marma. When warm medicated oil is constantly poured over the sthapani marma, it eventually helps to unblock any hindered energy in this marma and hence essentially brings balance to the body.


Another concept of shirodhara effectiveness is on the level of Yogic Chakras. It stimulates the supreme Chakras; Ajna Chakra  (third-eye chakra) and Sahasrara Chakra ( Crown chakra) which are both situated in the head region. These Chakras control all the vital energy in the body. Stimulation of these Chakras promotes ultimate mental peace.


Shirodhara  Ayurvedic Treatment Massage for Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia


Shirodhara treatment is not only considered effective in alleviating high Vata, mental stress and nervous tension, all of which are rampant in our modern society, but it feels utterly luxurious and nurturing, like a guilty pleasure that is actually good for you.


Regular use of Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment is meant to enhance circulation in the brain, improve memory, nourish the hair, provide sound sleep and calm the body and mind. 


Shirodhara Therapy Panchakarma Recommendations

How can Shirodhara help you?


After an ayurvedic consultation, your ayurvedic practitioner can recommend shirodhara therapy in the following health conditions:


  • Insomnia- sleeplessness
  • Headaches, dizziness and migraines, 
  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mood swings
  • ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • Vata disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chattering mind, racing thoughts
  • Excessive mental fatigue
  • Eye and ear conditions
  • Memory loss
  • Poor concentration
  • Anger, irritability, confusion
  • Movement of the lymph to stimulate detoxification
  • Endocrine gland imbalances
  • Cranial burning
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Hair loss or Premature greying of hair
  • Early ageing signs
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Uncontrolled diabetic mellitus
  • Pre and post-menopausal issues
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Hormonal imbalance

Shirodhara Ayurveda Thearpy


Benefits of Shirodhara Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy


  • Balances Vata dosha
  • Offers sound sleep by relieving mental and physical stress and strain
    Prescribed as per ayurveda in clinical conditions like Epilepsy, Diabetic,Neuropathy and Paralysis
  • Offers Deep relaxation and strengthing to the central nervous system (CNS)
    Effective in the management of eye diseases, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, neurological disorders and memory loss, insomnia, greying of hair, hearing impairment and tinnitus, vertigo and certain types of skin diseases like psoriasis.
  • Also good for blood pressure and stress
  • Improved functioning of the 5 senses
  • Improved vitality and balance
  • Nourishes hair and the scalp
  • Increased blood circulation around the body and to the brain
  • Harmonises the hormonal system
  • Eases shoulder and neck stress
  • Helps to overcome depression and panic attacks
  • Great relaxing therapy for pregnant ladies for the first trimester, where there is a risk of miscarriages


Who should not have shirodhara?


  • Inflamed or cracked skin on the head or forehead.
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication
  • High-grade fever
  • Pregnant lady in her late second or third trimester. It is purely due to the fact that the client needs to lay on her back for an hour and it is not safe for the pregnant lady to lay on her back for one hour in the later pregnancy, as it can lead to dizziness.


Duration of Shirodhara


  • This procedure is carried out for 45-60 minutes. It is usually done for 7 to 21 days or as recommended by the expert.
  • In chronic or severe cases, the duration or number of days can be increased.


Best Timings for Shirodhara


Shirodhara is usually done in the early morning hours. Ideally after the food has properly digested. 


What do I need to know before my shirodhara appointment?


  • Arrive 10 min before your appoint and allow yourself extra time after the treatment too.
  • Bring an old head scarf or beanie to wrap oily hair after treatment.
  • Do not eat heavy food or drink coffee or tea at-least 2 hour before treatment.
  • If possible, get a friend or family member to drive you to and from the appointment, as you may feel very relaxed after the treatment and may not wish to drive.
  • Wash your hair in the morning or the night before the appointment. 



Shirodhara aftercare:


  • Allow 15 mins rest after therapy, as you will feel highly relaxed and may not be in your complete senses to drive.
  • Your hair will be oily, so please cover it with a head scarf or beanie.
  • Do not expose yourself to cold wind, rain or extreme temperatures.
  • Do not expose yourself to bright light or loud noise.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated with warm water or herbal teas.
  • Avoid caffeine for at least 2 hours.
  • Avoid washing hair for at least 2 hours.



You can call us on 0430799515, to get an ayurveda consult to discuss your shirodhara treatment plan in Richmond, Melbourne-based ayurvedic clinic.












Disclaimer: The information on any of the Ayurveda Products, Ayurveda treatment, Ayurvedic Medicines, or any other services mentioned on the Pure Herbal Ayurved clinic website is for educational purposes only and not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Ayurveda products should only be taken after Full Ayurveda consultation with a Registered Ayurveda Practitioner. On the website, if any of the Ayurveda Products mention heavy metals or some prohibited/restricted plants, the reader should not assume that these products are used, prescribed, or sold by Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic in Australia. Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic does not take liability or responsibility for accidental adulteration or contamination of any unwanted material in the Ayurveda products. Readers should not assume that all of the products mentioned on the website are available for prescription in Australia. The website purely describes the uses and indications of herbal products based on Traditional Ayurvedic textbooks.  These are not for self-medication or online purchase. Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic does not claim or guarantee to cure any disease or health condition or terminal illness. Ayurveda treatment plans should be supplemented with an appropriate diet and lifestyle to get beneficial effects. Ayurveda medicine is generally safe if taken under the strict supervision of a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, but it may also cause adverse reactions in rare cases. We suggest that you discuss your Ayurvedic treatment plan with your Medical Practitioner to ensure safe and effective use.

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  • Meeting Dr, Saini has been a blessing here in Melbourne. I've always believed in holistic health and I was looking for a practitioner who could not only treat some deficiencies but bring my health up to speed. Dr, Saini is an esteemed Doctor with years of experience in holistic healing globally. I had been in poor health this year however through Pachkarma and Pure herbal Ayurveda Clinic's treatments, there has been a transformation in my overall health, energy and spirit. Highly recommended if you want to transform your health holistically and want to get out of the rut of medications.

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