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Six Easy Steps to Remain Healthy and Young With the Help of Ayurveda...



Six Steps to Get Back To Good Health


Step 1: Determine your unique body type (Prakriti)

Prakriti defines your natural state, your potential and tendencies you were born with. (So we can look at Prakriti as the birth condition or baseline of the person). Prakriti defines both your physical and emotional (or mental) state which doesn't change throughout your life. It is made up from your parent’s disposition and determines your main physical characteristics and emotional behaviour.


So knowing your ayurvedic body type will help us figuring out a diet and lifestyle that is perfect for you personally and how to find the remedies that works for you. It will also help you understanding yourself better; why you are the way you are and act the way you act and how outside influences affect you physically and emotionally


Online tests can never give you perfectly accurate results, so have a visit to PURE HERBAL AYURVED CLINIC where Ayurvedic consultants are trained in pulse reading, tongue reading and whole systemic examination to ensure a more accurate assessment of your body type.


Step 2: Determine disturbed state of your body (Vikruti) & learning the elemental cause of illness


Vikriti is an Ayurvedic concept that defines where you are now. If you are ill, your Vikriti will defer from your Prakriti, which defines your base mind body constitution.


Thus Vikriti is the disturbance of the natural constitution that is most often due to a lifelong process of habits and lifestyle practices that is in opposition to our unique nature.


This imbalance needs to be known, before an effective treatment strategy can be developed.  This will tell us which of your Dosha is aggravated and need to balance.


Step 3: Determine the Imbalance


Compare steps 2(Vikriti) and 1(Prakriti) and determine the major imbalances. Then applying therapeutic recommendations to balance elements causing the illness, without causing an imbalance to the constitution (dosha). This is a complex process and very often requires a skilled ayurvedic practitioner like us to determine a course of treatment.


It includes finding out the imbalance of your doshas, any blockage of body channels, improper functioning of the tissues, improper functioning of various cleaning or excretory system, determining the strength of your digestive fire and immune system. We always take into consideration other individual factors such as your age, health state, lifestyle, environment, and your goals.


Step 4: Stabilize your Doshas/Energies

Depending on which Dosha needs to be balanced, it makes use of daily and seasonal lifestyle practices (including diet, yoga, and meditation), healing herbs; purification therapies specific to your  prakriti, vikriti ,environment and season  to prevent or treat  disease.


Step 5: Monitor your progress

Follow the Dosha balancing practices recommended until the symptoms subside. Repeat the Vikriti test every 3 months to confirm the progress you are making.


Step 6: Maintain Balance

When your Doshas are in balance, follow again proper daily diet and lifestyle recommendation given by Ayurveda literature. An Anti-toxins treatment should also be followed at all the times, especially when your digestive function is poor or suffering from chronic disease.


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