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Tonsillitis and Adenoids Natural Ayurvedic Treatments

Author : Gurnam Saini  

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Tonsillitis and Adenoids In Melbourne

Tonsils are a pair of lymph tissues located deep in the oral cavity on either side of the throat. These structures act as the first line of defence against any infections that invade the body through the nasal or the oral cavity.

Besides tonsils, adenoids are the structures present at the back of the nose above the tonsils. They too aid in keeping away the infections from the respiratory tract. However, during this fight against the infections sometimes the tonsils get infected and develop swelling and redness which is known as tonsillitis.

Sometimes in this process the adenoids swell too thus giving a nasal quality to the voice. In Ayurveda Tonsillitis is known as galaayu. Ayurveda considers the repeated infection and inflammation of tonsils to be a cause of different types of ailments later in life. Therefore, Ayurveda treats the entire immune system thus eliminating any risk. 

Ayurveda and Tonsillitis, Adenoids

The prevalence of tonsillitis and swollen adenoids is more in children than in adults.  According to Ayurveda a disease occurs when there is an imbalance in dosha or doshas. However in the case of tonsillitis and swollen adenoids an imbalance of all the three doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha is observed.

Over and frequent indulgence in cold food items (like ice-creams, cold drinks), exposure to cold weather and cold breeze and excessive intake of oily food results in Vatta and Kapha dosha imbalance further worsening the condition.

Sometimes when germs enter a child’s body they get trapped in adenoids and as these glands try to fight off the infection they swell up temporarily. Some of the other causes are allergies, Hypergammaglobulinemia (an immune disorder) and tonsillitis.

The various symptoms of this disorder are breathing difficulties, disturbed sleep, ear aches, nasal tone while speaking, sore throat, stuffy nose and trouble in swallowing. These symptoms might appear small and insignificant but they can hamper your daily routine. However the natural remedies for adenoids and tonsillitis is potent enough to cure this disease in a natural way.

Ayurvedic Herbal Care for Tonsillitis and Adenoids

Ayurveda treats tonsillitis by strengthening the body from inside. Ayurveda works closely with the patient and devises the treatment and medicine as per the individual’s requirements.  Nature has provided us with potent single drugs that are used for the treatment:


Dronapushpi (Leucas cephalotus) - Used for treating liver disorders, jaundice, asthma, cold, etc.

Tejohwa (Toothache tree – Zanthoxylum alatum Roxb) - Used for brushing teeth and is effective against infection, pain and burning sensation.

Pippali (Long pepper-Piper longum) - Useful for cold, viral infections, local inflammation.

Maricha (Black Pepper–Piper nigrum) - Very effective in case of throat infections.

Karkatakasringi (Pistacia integrima) - Used in case of cough, fever, hiccups and upper respiratory tract infections.

Tinospora Gulancha (Guduchi) - It prevents and treats all types of Pitta conditions like tonsillitis. It is a potent anti-microbial and has immunostimulatory properties that help in increasing the level of antibodies.

Licorice (Yashtimadhu) – It has anti-viral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties and hence is very effective.

Guggulu- It is used as a gargle for chronic tonsillitis. It revitalises and rejuvenates cells.

Besides these medicinal herbs some natural formulations are also used for tonsillitis pain relief.

Khadiraadi vati- This is a herbal tablet that is made of roots, flowers and barks of certain medicinal plants. It is to be kept in the mouth and chewed slowly. It has antiseptic, astringent and expectorant properties. The various herbs used are Pushkar Mool, Karkat Shringi, Katphala, Brahamdandi, Haritaki, Maricha, Pippali, Guduchi.

Sitopaladi churna- Dried and ground mixture of spices and medicinal herbs like cinnamon, cardamum, long pepper (Piper longum), bamboo shoots and powdered sugar. It is an effective bronchodilator and expectorant.

Agastya Rasayana- It enhances the immunity. It’s a paste made in honey.

Basil (tulsi), turmeric and amla (Emblica gooseberry) - Give dried and ground mixture of these herbs (in equal quantity) to children regularly for three months. All these herbs tulsi, amla and turmeric are excellent for recurrent tonsillitis, preventing viral and bacterial attacks.

Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

The modern medicine may prove too strong for toddlers and children. In such cases considering home remedies to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by tonsillitis is a good idea. Some of the home treatment options for tonsillitis and swollen adenoids are as follows:

  • Gargle with salted warm water at least twice a day. This helps soothe the pain.
  • Make a concoction of honey and lime juice in a glass of warm water. Take small sips of this drink to soothe the sore throat and nasal congestion.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder and black pepper in a glass of milk and bring it to a boil. Drink this magic potion before going to bed, it will help in reducing the congestion and pain. Black pepper is known for its anti-bacterial anti-oxidant properties and turmeric is potent herb known to provide relief from many infections.
  • Honey is known to have anti-bacterial and inti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it can help in reducing the swelling in enlarged adenoids. Add a small pinch of pepper powder and a few drops of lemon juice to a teaspoon of honey. This mixture can be given to children to get positive results.
  • Herbs like sage and Echinacea can be used to fight infection and reduce inflammation. Inflammation can be reduced by making your toddler gargle with a mix of sage and warm water. Echinacea helps boost the immunity. It can be taken as tea or in capsule form.
  • For older children steam inhalation is a good remedy to reduce congestion, but for smaller babies make them sit in a hot steamy bathroom for some time until symptoms reduce.
  • Mix a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice in a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of warm water. 
  • To expedite the healing process, mash fresh figs with honey. Make your child have this mixture at least once a day.
  • Some children are very sensitive to cold breeze so keep their head ears and throat covered all the time. You may use a humidifier to keep the air moist and thus soothe the throat. Stop you child from excessive talking so that rest may be given to the throat.


These remedies may provide pain relief from tonsillitis and the swollen tonsils and adenoids may shrink to their normal size. And the best part is that all these remedies can be used for both adults and children.

The process of healing might take some time but eventually the disease will be eradicated from the body with the added benefit of enhanced immunity.

Diet for Tonsillitis and Adenoids

Healthy food habits can go a long way in improving our overall well-being. The following healthy ways along with the ayurvedic treatment will definitely help you achieve better health. 

  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Besides have clear soups, broths, green tea, fresh fruit and vegetable juices to keep your body hydrated.
  • Acidic drinks like citrus juices and butter milk must be avoided, as they can aggravate the symptoms.
  • Avoid all junk food that are oily, spicy and fried.
  • As swallowing is difficult so try to have food with smooth and creamy texture. Boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and baked fruits are good options.
  • Avoid food and snacks with hard and crumbly texture like hard breads, chips and nuts as they can aggravate the inflammation.


Herbal Natural Remedies for Tonsillitis and Adenoids 

Now that you know the benefits of going the natural way to treat tonsillitis and adenoids, you may also try the natural treatment offered at the Pure Herbal Ayurvedic Clinic in Melbourne.

We work on the ideology that every individual is different with a different constitution and thus needs a different formulation and treatment. We source and select the best herbs to formulate our herbal medicines.

As more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of Ayurveda, they are resorting to this from of treatment. We focus not only on holistic healing but also on enhancing an individual’s immunity by carefully choosing the best suited herbal formulations and suggesting some lifestyle changes too.

We take pride in our experienced team of ayurvedic doctors who have helped many people restore their health. It is indeed humbling when some of our patients say that we are  one of the best ayurvedic doctors in Melbourne.

Panchkarma detox forms an important part of our ayurvedic treatment. It is the ultimate mind and body healing experience through detoxification. It means five therapeutic healing treatments to eliminate toxins from the body. It is performed under the supervision of an experienced ayurvedic physician. In the past few years Panchakarma has gained a lot of popularity in Australia as people find it very relaxing.

Contact us today to find out how to treat nflamed tonsils and adenoids naturally with ayurvedic medicine.






Disclaimer: The information on ayurvedic products and medicines on our website is for educational purposes only. One should not buy these products over the counter. These should only be taken after ayurvedic consultation with an ayurvedic practitioner. The uses and indications of these herbal products are based on Traditional Ayurvedic text books. These herbs should be supplemented with appropriate diet and lifestyle to get beneficial effects. Although there is a lot of research done on Ayurveda these days, yet these herbal products might not hold enough current research based evidence.

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Author Bio:

Gurnam Saini has over 15 years’ experience in Ayurvedic naturopathy treatments in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed his bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He has done MD in Alternative Medicine and certificate courses in Panchakarma Detox, Pulse diagnosis and skin care. He is also a member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA). He has won awards for ground-breaking work in Ayurveda globally. Read More