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Trigeminal Neuralgia Natural Ayurvedic Treatment

Author : Gurnam Saini  


Trigeminal Neuralgia Natural Treatment

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic condition affecting the trigeminal nerve, which carries the sensations from the face to the brain. Trigeminal neuralgia causes severe pain even after a mild stimulation of the face. Even the act of brushing the teeth and washing the face can trigger a jolt of intense, excruciating pain. The natural treatment for trigeminal neuralgia with the help of ayurvedic herbs can provide relief from the pain and other symptoms of this disorder.


The trigeminal nerve has three branches that are responsible for the sensations in the face and regulating chewing. Trigeminal neuralgia occurs when this nerve is inflamed resulting in intense pain. It is also called tic douloureax because the pain is so severe that it can force the patients to contort the face into grimaces. This obvious movement is called a tic. Ayurveda offers an alternative treatment for trigeminal neuralgia, which prevents the bouts of pain caused due to the minimal stimulation of the trigeminal nerve.


The pain caused due to trigeminal neuralgia can occur in an isolated episode or every few minutes, or seconds. Some patients experience long asymptomatic periods spanning over several months or years between the attacks. However, in some patients, it can lead to a chronic pain syndrome, and affect their daily activities significantly.


This can increase the risk of depression and anxiety disorders. Such complications can be avoided by seeking trigeminal nerve pain relief at home using herbs that can calm the nerve, produce an analgesic effect, and provide relief from the symptoms.


Trigeminal neuralgia usually afflicts the people above 50 years of age. The incidence of this disease is higher in the women than in the men. It has been found to affect the right side of the face 5 times more commonly than the left.


Trigeminal neuralgia is sometimes related to multiple sclerosis, a disorder that occurs due to the damage to the myelin sheath protecting the nerves. It may also occur due to a tumor mass pressing on the trigeminal nerve.


Some rare causes of trigeminal neuralgia include a brain lesion, surgical injury, stroke, and facial trauma.

Signs and Symptoms Trigeminal Neuralgia


Some patients experience short, and mild attacks of trigeminal neuralgia initially. However, the disease may progress over a period of time and cause longer, and more frequent bouts of facial pain. The use of herbs for relieving the facial nerve pain can help the patients to treat this condition in a safe and effective manner. The signs and symptoms of this disease are discussed beneath:


  • Patients experience episodes of severe, jabbing, or shooting pain that feels like an electric shock and radiates to different parts of the face

  • Constant burning and aching sensation

  • The pain is felt in the areas supplied by the trigeminal nerve, such as the cheek, teeth, jaw, gums, eye, forehead, and the lips.

  • The pain is focused at one spot or may spread in a wider pattern

  • Spontaneous attacks of pain that is triggered due to the factors like touching the face, speaking, chewing, or brushing the teeth. Some other factors that can trigger the pain of trigeminal neuralgia include eating, drinking, shaving, talking, encountering a breeze, putting on makeup, and smiling.

  • The pain usually affects one side of the face during an episode. However, in rare cases, the symptoms may affect both the sides.


The use of natural remedies for neuralgia pain can reduce the intensity and frequency of the episodes of this condition and minimize its impact on the patient’s routine life.


Pain Relief For Trigeminal Neuralgia 


A long term and effective pain relief for neuralgia can be achieved through the use of ayurvedic medications. The allopathic drugs used for treating this disorder include the anticonvulsant medications like carbamazepine. However, the results with these medicines are not consistent. Also, patients may develop serious side effects due to the chronic use of these medicines.


In case the pain persists in spite of taking the anticonvulsant medications, the patients may be advised surgery or radiation therapy. These treatments pose the risk of consequences such as damage to the healthy tissues, and skin burns. Hence, alone with western treatment it is advisable to seek the herbal remedies for trigeminal neuralgia, which can help to relieve the pain without causing severe side effects.


Ayurvedic treatments can be used safely even for a longer duration by the patients suffering from chronic diseases like trigeminal neuralgia.


Natural Treatment For Trigeminal Nerve Pain


The natural treatment for nerve pain caused due to trigeminal neuralgia involves the use of herbs given below. These herbs possess medicinal properties, which can help to relieve pain and inflammation and enable the patient to perform the routine activities with ease.


  • Shallaki (Boswellia serrate): Shallaki is a natural remedy for nerve pain. It acts as an analgesic agent and reduces the facial pain caused due to this condition. It also reduces the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.
  • Guggulu (Commiphora wightii): Guggulu acts as a nerve tonic. It also helps to relieve the fear and anxieties caused due to the intense pain and thus, prevent depression.
  • Shunthi (Zinziber officinale): Shunthi offers natural ways to treat trigeminal neuralgia by producing an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. It reduces inflammation of the nerve and provides relief from the facial pain.
  • Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata): Rasna is commonly used to treat trigeminal neuralgia. It boosts the functions of the nervous system. It protects the nerves from any form of damage and prevents inflammation thus minimizing the episodes of trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Errand (Ricinus communis): Errand can be used to obtain relief from the nerve pain in teeth, gums and face. It reduces the pain and discomfort that occurs due to the slightest stimulation of the trigeminal nerve. It calms the nerve by producing a soothing action. This action of Errand also helps to reduce the risk of depression and anxieties.
  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): Guduchi is considered the best medicine for trigeminal neuralgia because of the powerful analgesic action produced by it. It also reduces the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. Regular use of this herb can reduce the intensity and frequency of the attacks of this condition.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cure


Patients are advised to seek ayurvedic treatment for trigeminal neuralgia cure to ensure effective and long-term results. The naturopath in Melbourne at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic can help the patients to obtain relief from the intense pain by prescribing herbs possessing strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. The doctors at our best ayurvedic clinic in Melbourne also advise the patients to follow an ayurvedic diet and Nasaya therapy for better results.


The ayurvedic diet contains foods, which support the functions of the nerves and is devoid of the foods that are known to trigger inflammation. The Nasaya therapy involves administration of 5 to 10 drops of Nasaya oil in each nostril. This oil is infused with herbs, which are nurturing as well as nourishing. This therapy helps to alleviate the discomforts and pains in the area above the clavicle.


Patients can expect a holistic treatment at our natural medicine clinic that is aimed at managing the disease by tackling its root cause and improving their overall health. Our ayurvedic doctor in Australia can help the patients to get rid of the intense pain caused due to trigeminal neuralgia and live a healthy and comfortable life. 





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