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Obesity/Weight Loss Ayurvedic Treatment

Author : Gurnam Saini  

Price : AUD 500.00

Obesity/Weight Loss Ayurvedic Treatment
Obesity/Weight Loss Ayurvedic Treatment

Do you feel embarrassed due to your excess weight? Is your weight hampering your routine activities? Is your weight a cause of mental and physical disharmony for you? In case your answer for such questions is in affirmative, our ayurvedic weight loss programme and ayurveda weight loss treatment can be of great help to you. For result oriented Weight Loss Programme In Melbourne, you should contact us. You will feel the change thick and fast.

You will be amazed to know that 67 percent of Australians are overweight. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has conducted a study in which they have found that 67 population of Australia is obese and prone to some obesity related diseases. It is probably due to lack of exercises and uncontrolled eating habits. Our ayurvedic diet plan can help you with weight loss while getting all the nutrients need for your well being and health.

We offer one of the best Ayurveda Weight Loss Programmes in Melbourne, Wantirna at pure herbal ayurved clinic to help you to reduce weight and prevent diseases caused by obesity.

Go beyond the frenzy of high carb, low carb, high fat, and low fat and other confusing diet to unlock the gateway to healthy weight, increased energy and healthy Ageing.

This programme has purpose of balancing three body’s humours (Vata, Pita and Kapha) and reducing weight by correcting metabolism. This is natural method to reduce weight by balancing fat metabolism of the body.

Rapid Weight Loss Natural

We believe that balance is the key to healthy and rapid  weight loss management and that balance can be restored and sustained by Ayurvedic Panchkarma Therapies that we offer. This includes proper balanced nutrition, integrating the concept of mindfulness, healthy eating practise, regular physical activity, detoxification, stress management and creating a balanced daily routine.

Moreover, some panchkarma therapies such as ayurvedic powder massage help to reduce cellulite and breakdown into digestible fats. These fats are digested with the help of some organic herbs. As written above, these herbs improve liver function and enhance depletion of abdominal fat.

Weight management program is designed on individual basis and addressed the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss and maintenance.

You may be worried about regain of weight. However, this best weight loss programme aids to reduce fat with the help of positive metabolism and by burning fats with natural methods by balancing fat metabolism. Therefore, it will be rare to regain weight.

Moreover, we also recommend a little improvement in dietary habits. We are saying that just eat healthy food rather than unhealthy fast food items. You will be provided with the list of all the food items (vegetable,fruits,nuts,dairy products,meat etc.) according to your unique Ayurvedic body type to know which food to avoid and which food to favour during particular time of the year. For more details, contact our ayurvedic physician and expert.




Gurnam Saini

Ayurvedic Consultant (Known as Ayurvedic doctor in India)

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India

MD Alternative Medicine from India 

Panchkarma Detox Expert

Member of AAA(Australian Association of Ayurveda)

PH- 0061 430 799 515 



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Disclaimer:  Any member of Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic team including Gurnam Saini and Pooja Saini is not claiming to be a Medical Doctor or registered with Medical Board of Australia. If the word doctor is used anywhere in advertising or referencing members of Pure Herbal Ayurved clinic, it is suggestive of ayurvedic doctors recognised in India after achieving Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery qualification. This qualification is recognised in Australia by vetassess governing body as Naturopath and by AAA  as Ayurveda Doctor. Click her for more details disclaimer, terms & conditions for using our website or services.





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