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What is Ayurveda?



The Five Elements of Ayurveda: The Key to Balanced Health

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What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda is considered the science of life and the art of healthy living and longevity. Ayurveda is known to restore and preserve the health of the whole body and mind. It is believed to be the most ancient system of healing science, traditionally used in India for 5000 years.



In Ayurvedic texts, more than 1500 herbs, their medicinal actions and uses are explained. There are more than 10000 medicinal preparations given in ancient books of Ayurveda. Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Sangraha are ancient Ayurvedic texts and encyclopaedias describing the basic principles of Ayurveda.



Ayurveda is the mother of all health sciences and preventive or hygiene sciences. It is the first known science in which preventive measures are given. Nowadays, Ayurveda is well recognised as alternative medicine by W.H.O.


Ayurveda aims to prevent the body and mind from diseases and treat the diseases if a person suffers. Furthermore, it has a holistic approach to integrating the body, mind and soul. It assists in balancing the constitution of the body and the qualities of the mind. It promotes wellness and precludes ailments.


Natural Or Ayurveda Treatment In Melbourne


In Ayurveda, herbal medicines are used in crude form or extracts derived from herbs and given for treating diseases. These natural medicines are human-friendly and derived from some vegetables, spices, herbs and natural resources, so ayurvedic medicines are generally considered well-tolerable. 


Ayurveda has a holistic approach to treating patients. Treatment of Ayurveda is based on the theory of restoration of health and comfort throughout the body and mind. Ayurveda works on the root causes of disease. 



Medicines may be different for each individual as per characteristics of body, mind and native place or surrounding environment. This is a fact in Ayurveda. Therefore, a practitioner of ayurvedic science prescribes herbal or ayurvedic medicines as per that or according to body and mind constituents.


Effectiveness of Ayurveda & Their Treatment   


Ayurvedic science has a variety of herbs and products to detoxify the body—these herbal products aid in restoring health and preventing diseases. Ayurvedic physicians have been using the same herbs since the birth of Ayurveda. Ayurveda evolved approximately 5000 years ago. Since ancient times, it has worked effectively, becoming popular and recognised as complementary medicine worldwide. 


Ayurvedic medicines are generally considered as effective as they were in ancient times. What is the reason behind its efficacy? The reasons are as follows:


Ayurveda has the principle of five elements: It explains the basic formulation of everything present in this universe. According to this principle, everything comprises five elements Vacuum, air, liquids (water), fire and earth. The human body also consists of these five elements. Characteristics of every individual vary as per the proportion of these five elements. According to characteristics, medicines will be different for every individual. In Ayurveda, medicines are prescribed according to an individual’s need, not just to treat a disease.


Ayurveda has another principle. However, it may be similar to the principle of five elements, but it is the basic principle on which every Ayurvedic practitioner practices Ayurveda. Three humours are present in every individual. However, five elements are building blocks of these three humours but have their significance.


According to Ayurvedic science, diseases occur due to an imbalance of these three senses of humour. The imbalance may be due to external environmental factors such as pathogens, dust particles and accidents, or the wrong diet and lifestyle. Due to these reasons, disease occurs in humans.



Therefore, the Ayurvedic practitioner tries to preserve health by balancing these three senses of humour. Medicines may differ for similar diseases due to differential analysis of these three senses of humour and representations of disease symptoms.


Are Ayurvedic Medicines & Herbs Safe?    


Ayurvedic medicines are generally considered safe when taken under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. However, it is rarely associated with possible adverse reactions in individual cases.


In Ayurveda, each herb has a specific description of its uses, action, type of person in which it should be given, impact over each humour and periods of intake. This helps physicians to select medicine according to individual type. Therefore, there are fewer chances of side effects from Ayurvedic medicines.


How to Take Ayurvedic Medicines & Herbs?


Ayurvedic medicines should only be taken after consultating with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. General examples of Ayurvedic herbal products are given underneath:


•Tablets and Capsules of herbal extracts

•Single herbal capsules

•Herbal powders

•Herbal confections

•Herbal juices

•Ayurvedic teas

•Creams and lotions


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  • 3+ years ago just before covid hit, I had sudden intolerance to a string of food predominantly gluten, cow's milk, egg and night shade vegetables. Energy was low and brain was foggy. I consulted and tried other treatments but minimal improvement. I was recommended to Drs Saini and Pooja by a friend who came out of her issues after ayurvedic treatments. Without hesitation, i consulted and started my ayurvedic journey 2+ years ago. It was the best decision I made. During those time, I had 2 sessions of panchakarma treatments. 2+ years later, I can now confidently say that I am able to incorporate gluten and cows milk products into my diet without any issue. My energy is back to normal and the other bonus for me is that unnecessary food cravings have diminished. I am very grateful and appreciated Drs Saini & Pooja's dedication and patient throughout my ayurvedic journey...

    Jessy T

  • Highly recommend seeing Pooja for various womens health issues. Pooja offers long term alternative approaches to self managing one's health with the holistic ayurvedic system. Her manner and concern is sincere and she is very conscious of leaving you with the tools you need to take care of yourself beyond her consultations.

    Nikhila Madabhushi

  • I was suffering from headaches for the past 5-6 years which lasted more than a day. Sometimes it was so severe that I had nausea and vomiting. Tried a lot of medications but they did not help. Then I thought of trying Ayurveda as my last remedy. 2 months with Gurnam Saini and I have no headaches. My sleep has also improved. I’m still continuing to improve my overall health as the medicine seems to work for me. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to improve their overall health and well being.

    madhu !

  • My experience with herbal Ayurveda was positive. I found a tremendous amount of healing with this therapy after suffering from bronchitis and arthritic pain for years. The herbal massage was the best thing I ever did. I stopped my medication, the bronchitis healed and my arthritis improved remarkably. I highly recommend it and I look forward to more treatments.

    Dora Tsividis

  • I have been under Dr Sainis treatment for backpain over 2 months.He is an empathetic sensitive and responsible Dr who gave careful directives and absolutely effective treatment to me as a patient.I could speak to him my issues confidently enough and he takes it for face value.I am completely fine now.I thought of my fears of my future and my job which was my sole income.I would love to say that I praise God and highly recommend Dr Saini as an effective practitioner for me and in Ayurveda.Thank you Dr Saini for everything that you have done to help me.

    Manju Jose

  • My four year old picked up a nasty viral cough every six-eight weeks lasting 2+ weeks each time. This has gone on FOR YEARS. Too many sleepless nights to count. She’s now on her third month of Ayurved treatment, and so far she hasn’t picked up so much as a runny nose. She’s still attending the same daycare, same level of exposure. Only now her immune system is strong enough to cope. We can’t thank you enough Dr. Gurnam.

    Ashe Davenport

  • I would highly recommend this place. I suffered from bad sinutisis and hayfever since last 4 years . Doctor recommend me to do operation for sinutisis but thanks to Dr saini that I got overcome from this sinutisis without operation.i would highly recommend people who suffering like me please refer to DR Saini instead of going for other medications .

    dipti trivedi

  • After struggling for years with energy levels, food intolerances and sleep issues with our daughter, we tried Dr Saini. The results for her have been outstanding. Her food intolerances (she was on a strict FODMAP diet) have all but disappeared. Her sleep is consistent and better. Her ability to regulate herself across an entire day (without falling into a heap) has improved her life quality 100 fold. His approach is thoughtful and considered. We always feel like he listens to all aspects of her health and adapts his methods to what she needs next. I would highly recommend working with Dr Saini to anyone considering it.

    Christine Medley

  • Hello all, I have been consulting Dr. Saini for past 2years or so and have found his treatment very helpful and effective. He has a deep knowledge of Aryuveda and listens to your health issues, doubts and concerns patiently and advices Aryuved herbs and gives advice accordingly. He is kind and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dr. Saini to anyone who is looking for treatment for their health issues or improving their overall health.

    Mansi Dubal

  • I’m very happy with the treatment and medication given by Dr. Saini to heal De Quervain tensosynovitis. Pain was really too bad , I couldn’t stretch my thumb or move my wrist. On my third and final day of treatment I completely forgot I had an injury on my wrist because after the second treatment I had zero pain. Thank you so much Dr.Saini.

    Suni Koshy

  • I was suffering from severe anxiety problem for last 4 years but after taking ayurvedic medicine i got relieve within a month.It completely changed my life. I highly recommend this doctor for any health problem.

    jyoti gupta

  • Thank you Dr Saini for the remarkable improvement in my health since first seeing you only 3 months ago. With herbal supplements, herbal teas and a single panchakarma treatment I have already experienced the following benefits that western medicine had not been able to assist: * Lower blood pressure permitting a reduction in medication. * Reduced anxiety. * No dizziness or fainting following sudden exercise such as climbing stairs. * Eye floaters gone. * Persistent (2 year) cough almost gone. * Frequent reflux gone. With continued treatment and lifestyle changes I am looking forward to: * normal blood pressure without medication, * weight loss without strict diets, * cough gone!

    Ray Dempsey