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Prakriti Your Ayurvedic Constitution

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Literally the word Prakriti In Ayurveda is refers to one’s innate individual constitution, expressed as the inborn ratio of the three doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha).


How do three Ayurveda doshas Vata Pitta kapha produce so many different body-mind characteristics, prakriti or consitition?
Once we know and understand the qualities of the three doshas, we begin to see all of the ways that that dosha expresses itself in the structures of the body, in the physiology, and in the mental and emotional makeup.


For example, Vata Dosha is supposed to be Dry, light, empty, expansive subtle, moving, changeable, cold, dry, rough, and light. In unique individual this Vata Dosha articulates the situation as a trend to dry hair, skin, crackling and dry joints, and constipated gut; in additional like skinny or small build; in still alternative as compassion, imagination, and emotionality.




Likewise Pitta Dosha, makings are oily, hot, penetrating, and sharp, expresses in single individual in the custom of warm, oily, soft skin; in alternative individual as a high-pitched intelligence; in alternative as a energy for success, in yet additional as insatiable hunger and extraordinary metabolism.




The makings of Kapha Dosha are labelled as stable, heavy, wet, cool, and absorbent. Hence in numerous techniques, this Dosha might marked as clear, fairer & attractive skin, sluggish metabolism, or outstanding memorial and administrative abilities, or a effusively established physique, or as a relaxed and noble character.


Prakriti In Ayurveda 

Although there exist more complex explanations of prakrti in Ayurveda, the simplest and most widely accepted explanation is this: Prakrti is established at conception. It is a product of:
  • The genetic inheritance of the two parents contained in the fertilized egg, and
  • The mental, occupational, emotional, etc., tendencies of the incarnating being, which becomes progressively more identified with the developing fetus as the pregnancy progresses.

The prakrti, or body constitution, which underlies the body-mind complex gives rise to features which allow for expression of that person’s for this lifetime.

In Ayurvedic Science, no two persons are similar, or we could opinion that each individual is innate with a certain hereditary make-up. The Prakriti, which might too be indicated to as Dosha, is vibrant in defining our Ayurveda body types, behaviour forms, desires, and our tendencies.
An exact mixture of fundamentals offers us our Doshas, which are our exact physique constituents. The Doshas are three customs of energy that work as a crew in the body, like administrators of a business. The three predominant Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, are the forces that create one's Prakriti.




Ayurveda Prakriti 

Realisation of Prakriti is like understaning the foundation of healing in an illness. The early judgement of an Ayurvedic Doctor  (Vaidya) (refered to as Ayurvedic Practitioners in Australia) established the nature (Prakriti) of a person. This knowledge permits the Vaidya the power to determine inborn limitations, vitiation and an efficient and suitable healing process. 


For the person, fundamental information of the Prakriti is a vigorous utensil in assisting one determine the most favourable lifestyle features that will guarantee wellness and permanency with suitable diets, herbs, workout routines, remedies, treatments, and even appropriate careers. Conscious one's Prakriti grips the basic to wellbeing, liberty, and eventually, self-realization.


Why it is useful to know one’s Prakrti?


Understanding of Prakriti, consequently, is actual essential and valuable for us. Just scene a look at certain of the basis, which benefits us to realize the significance of Prakriti in an person:



1. Understanding of individual lifespan with the assistance of Prakriti




The subsequent features of a individual lifespan could be applied to comprehend the differences in dissimilar individuals by the assistance of Prakriti, and on the foundation of this, an person is intelligent to recognize well and intelligent to alive according to one's Ayurveda Body type or Prakriti, thus figure out a more suitable life for him/herself.  



  • Life cycle of a person
  • Public life
  • Assessing of a person
  • To select the picture-perfect spouse in married relationships
  • To select an suitable occupation / career




2. Reflection of Well-being position according Prakriti




As per Ayurveda, Prakriti discloses all about a specific single. We could consequently evaluate his/her position of wellbeing, such as power (somatic and psychological), hunger, flexibility, compression of his physique, etc., and on the base of these verdicts we could custom certain assumptions about his wellbeing position.




3. Illness vulnerability and Prakriti



As specified previous, all individual in the cosmos has a sole mixture of Doshas in their build, recognized as Prakriti. Due to imperfect dietetic practices or lifestyles or by not trailing a routine fitting to his/her Prakriti, an individual could be additional prone to sicknesses that are triggered by the same Dosha of his Prakriti, so every being must obey to the recommendations and verdicts   concerning diet and routine rendering to one’s Prakriti.




4. Preventative and primitive wellbeing alertness



An individual is able to avoid numerous illnesses from emerging and is likewise capable to endorse his wellbeing by information of his/herPrakriti. It benefits in examining and detecting nutritional practises, lifestyles, day-to-day and periodic schedules etc. Ayurveda also proposes numerous nutriments and lifestyle fitting to one’s Prakriti and proposes that one must trail these rules to counteract several maladies and to support healthiness.  



  • To accept nutritional behaviours in the indication of Dincharya (Daily regimes)  and Ritucharya (Seasonal regimes)
  • To accept healthy lifestyle in the indication of Dincharya and Ritucharya.





5. Identification of the ailments and Prakriti




In Ayurveda, investigation of Prakriti is incredibly vital to identify the core ailments and to delight that long-suffering. By witnessing the Prakriti, analysis of a exact malady turn out to be more simple, as it not merely delivers an impression about the imbalanced Dosha but too delivers the healing principles for that individual.




6. Management is primarily dependant on or fitting to Prakriti




Management is dependant on the suitability of body to remedies. Prakriti displays us, which kinds of herbs, foods, and routines will help in the healing of that individual. By the aid of Prakriti we could evaluate the patient precise satisfactory for his somatic and perceptual potency, appetite, likes and dislikes and his adaptableness to nutrition and remedies, etc.




Therefore, according to ayurveda principles investigation or awareness of one's Prakriti is crucial for an individual to linger vigorous and to accomplish the purpose of a individual existence.


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Author Bio:

Gurnam Saini has over 15 years’ experience in Ayurvedic naturopathy treatments in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed his bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He has done MD in Alternative Medicine and certificate courses in Panchakarma Detox, Pulse diagnosis and skin care. He is also a member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA). He has won awards for ground-breaking work in Ayurveda globally.Read More